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the inverse function of the secant

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Results of initial testing of the instruments show that (though more thorough testing is needed) the standard deviation of less than 1 arcsec can be achieved.
Underscoring the third-party nature of the ArcSec analysis, PatchLink notes that the firm's findings also indicate a need for improved reporting in PATCHLINK UPDATE.
5 arcsec and, importantly, he repeated it after several years.
From about 1830 onwards, catalogues with a precision better than one arcsec were the norm as instruments became more and more accurate.
One of these, 61 Cygni, moves at over 4 arcsec per year in R.
8 with a diameter of around 25 arcsec it will be immediately obvious, even in quite a small telescope, as a greenish-blue slightly out of focus star, and if the atmosphere is steady allowing high power to be used, it will appear slightly elongated.
5 arcsec, though as he illustrates 1 arcsec or better has been achieved.
6 to 15 GHz and the spatial resolution will be 1 to 60 arcsec at 1420 MHz, depending on the maximum baseline lengths.
Mars was just beginning its apparition and some good images had already been received although the planet was only 6 arcsec diameter.
The asteroid's diameter is about 400m and it should be about 11th magnitude, travelling across the sky at a remarkable 8 arcsecs per second.
His ultraviolet images were all made between May 25 and July 20, when the planet's apparent diameter was about 10 arcsec.
3) Denisenko noted that NN Cam has sometimes, including in a recent paper by Khruslov, (4) been mistaken for another star about 8 arcsec to the east, USNO-A2.
It has a quoted diameter of 400 arcsec and a visual magnitude of12.