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(of instruments in the violin family) to be played with the bow

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ARCO said that the multi-year agreement is Neymar's first deal in the Middle East and North Africa.
Once the county receives public input, it is expected to consider the comments, adjust the agreement as necessary, and sign the agreement with ARCO before the end of the year.
Los metodos descritos estan conformados por las caracteristicas del circuito electrico de este tipo de cargas y la representacion de los modelos matematicos que describen el comportamiento electrico del horno de arco electrico, con el fin de comparar su funcionalidad en la simulacion de fenomenos que pueden ser causados por la conexion de un horno de arco electrico.
In order to gain funding for completing Arco, Last Minute Games have started a Kickstarter campaign and are currently working on getting Greenlit on Steam.
Total Access s excellent reputation for technical expertise and its ability to provide specialist training for working at height will provide an excellent platform for Arco to further expand its operations within this market.
Fruth has also allowed Arco to offer an array of immunizations and a prescription discount card.
In its EPSA, Arco was to extract over 500m barrels, but it had to find enough gas for re-injection.
Therefore, based on customer feedback, Arco has developed a range of cold store clothing, for comfortable, robust and hard wearing head to toe protection.
Los arcos son iguales porque el arco diagonal (semicircular) se va inclinando hacia delante hasta alcanzar las alturas de las claves secundarias previamente determinadas.
Arco Vara has been looking into options to exit the venture for over a year now, it said, adding the divestment would not affect its financial position and performance.
Es la novena vez en su carrera que el guardameta se va sin goles en su arco.
Arco is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative.
Palabras clave: Arco palmar superficial; Variaciones; Mano.
Those facilities were run by ARCO Terminal Services Corp.
Both ARCO and NDEP discounted the possibility until the summer of 2003, when documents were located that described Anacondas processing of yellowcake on the site in 1976.