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a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

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Measured in degrees ([degrees]), arcminutes O and arcseconds ('').
2 eta Horologii marks the real bend around the indicated time zone, which is 33 arcminutes north of the small emission nebula, GN 02.
In my case, trying for sub-arcminute polar alignment was like chasing ghosts--changes in my steel pier and the MX itself due to thermal expansion and contraction varied the polar alignment by about an arcminute during nightly temperature variations.
The separation between the two actually is 42 arcminutes, or 0.
FEB 2 The Moon passes 10 arcminutes north of Saturn (as seen from Western Europe).
Although the galaxies are just 38 arcminutes apart, they aren't twins.
Caption: Alessandro Falesiedi captured this detail in NGC 891, an edge-on galaxy about 13 arcminutes across, by combining 440 minutes of imaging data taken with an 11-inch-aperture telescope.
5 arcminutes from the Moon's limb and will appear to the unaided eye as a brilliant silvery white spot of light immediately adjacent to the Moon's lower cusp.
The asteroid will be at high northern declination, +65[degrees], during the last days of August 2011, then will pass only 6 arcminutes east of Gamma Cas on September 14 at 14h UT, and 1[degrees] west of Alpha Ari on October 21 at 11h.
During this period Venus is gaining on Saturn; it finally passes the ringed planet on the 30th, at which time the two objects will be separated by just 40 arcminutes.
9 arcminutes at the key hydrogen emission line of 1420 MHz (21 cm in wavelength), compared with Arecibo's 3.
0 SAO100949, about 20 arcminutes to the SSW of Arcturus.
M13 is large (about 17 arcminutes in diameter) and bright (magnitude 5.