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a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

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The SLO provides a 32[degrees] x 22[degrees] image of the retina with a minimum resolution of approximately 4 arcminutes for measurement of the retinal areas and positioning of targets.
arcsecond One sixtieth of an arcminute, or 1/3600 of a degree.
A quick 'recalibration' is sometimes needed but typically the target object is within 2 arcminutes of the frame centre.
A prominent magnitude 9 yellow star (HD 20224) is situated about 4 arcminutes to the north-east.
One arcminute, which is the smallest anglef the human eye can resolve, is divided into 60 arcseconds (60").
Mars and Jupiter have a close approach on October 17 when the pair are about 23 arcminutes apart.
7 arcminutes from its expected position; this was equivalent to a surprisingly large 2 m/s difference in velocity from that expected by ESA flight engineers on the basis of telemetry from the final burn.
The ACS Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters obtained deep, uniform photometry of the central 3 arcminutes of 65 galactic globular clusters.
In 2008 the angular separation is closer to 42 arcminutes, and it will be after 2060 before the separation is under 30 arcminutes (0.
And Mars will appear to be about 20 arcseconds in diameter--much less than the full Moon which measures 30 arcminutes across.
M27 is of course somewhat larger (on the sky), about 8 arcminutes long, whereas M76 is about 3 arcminutes.
By mid-April next year, they'll be only 8 arcminutes apart as seen from Earth, and for a few days the Sun's interference will disrupt the ability of ground controllers to send the spacecraft any commands.
arcminutes (Alt-39 ') and arcseconds (Alt-34 ") respectively.
7 arcminutes from Jupiter, and should be visible with the naked eye if light from the planet is blocked off.
8, and lies close to Regulus, only 12 arcminutes away from Leo's brightest star.