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inappropriate playfulness

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Melvilleson, in the revived Caledonian melody of "We're a-Nodding," points the sentiment that "the dogs love broo" (whatever the nature of that refreshment may be) with such archness and such a turn of the head towards next door that she is immediately understood to mean Mr.
she said, with a slightly-labored archness of look and manner.
Resnik is also great in the farcical comedy scenes with Meghan Murphy, who brings a wry archness to the prostitute Fraulein Kost with her series of visiting "nephews.
Byrne pointed out that they are already a publicly traded company; KPMG audits everything, "if there's one company that could legitimately issue a token it should be us," he said with a hint of archness.
And from the beginning we recognize the archness of tone when the narrator tells us of the universal opinion that Tom is born to be hanged.
She alleges she's averse to marriage, or at least she prefers that her friend, an annoyingly pert Vryling Buffam (played with wide-eyed archness by Catherine Bailey) stay single.
For all of the archness with which his work treats its source material, Sachs is earnest in his fascination with and affection for it.
But, filming them on sparse, bare-bulbed Brechtian stage sets only served to amp up the artificiality and archness of the whole enterprise.
But, filming them on a sparse, bare-bulbed Brechtian stage sets only served to amp up the artificiality and archness of the whole enterprise.
Andrew R Burns & the Tropicanas Delaydeez EP FANS who like those languid godfathers of indie Orange Juice or the archness of Prefab Sprout will enjoy this (even more than that battered but never read Oxfam copy of Belle et Sebastien).
Chairman of the Board Daniel Haughton allegedly replied, with archness reminiscent of Marie Antoinettes mangent a la gateau, "So why don't you just put it in the LA Times?
And second, "A Brief Chronicle of Jeff and his Role in What is Colloquially Known as The End of Civilization,"' a story that deploys its intricate intelligence with such ingenuity that it transcends its archness and lurches into the realm of the disquieting.
The eternal patter-songs, though generally rendered with tongue-twisting dexterity, become tedious when pointed like machine-guns at the audience, the English dialogue has its moments of archness (the nadir came when we were told we'd have to wait for Mozart to tell us what happens next - not fair to set conveyor-belt Rossini against such a genius), and staging is sometimes slapstick.
They told me that archness in a 10-year-old was not welcome.
Compared to pastoral cantatas of earlier generations, however, Pasquini's music is remarkably well balanced and without the anguished contortions and exclamations of the 1640s or the cynical archness of the 1650s and 1660s and, of course, none of the big-chested heroics of a later age.