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a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives

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Recommendation: To help establish an effective information security program for NARA's information and information systems, the Archivist of the United States should conduct physical security risk assessments of NARA's buildings and facilities based on facility-level and federal requirements.
Archivists are often asked for advice about whether records have historical value and, if so, then what to do with them.
I have had the privilege to know several previous Archivists of the United States, and while Mr.
a) When the Archivist provides notice to the incumbent and former Presidents of his intent to disclose Presidential records pursuant to section 1270.
As a producer and archivist, he worked with Rhino, GRP and Columbia and released archival recordings on the Night Records, 32 Records Hyena and M labels.
In the later years of his life, in addition to being the Archivist at the College of the Holy Cross, Father Nelligan served in other offices.
Amanda Williams, an archivist at Warwickshire County Records Office said: "Preservation of records begins with how they are handled and is a skill learned by staff in order to protect Warwickshire's heritage.
Recognized as a leader in her field, she has served as president of both the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and the Society of Georgia Archivists.
Lester Sullivan, university archivist and head of Special Collections, highlighted a number of remarkable treasures, including one of the surviving copies of Les Cenelles (The Mayhaws), the earliest anthology of poetry by people of African descent in the U.
It makes sense, certainly, that the double suffered acute grief as a result of Meyerhold's arrest and torture, and later faced something akin to survivor guilt (a major theme, incidentally, of Cooley's first novel, The Archivist [1998]).
The Nashville Police Department hired her as an archivist filing cold and closed cases.
The suit brought by internet archivist Brewster Kahle and others claimed that copyright laws were radically changed last year when Congress voted to lengthen copyright protection terms, even when the copyright honor didn't request it.
Banks applied for an assistant archivist position at the Georgia Archives, her application created a frenzied buzz in the institution because "this black woman had applied.
The White House nomination of Allen Weinstein, a historian of Soviet espionage, as archivist of the United States has caused a storm of protest in the normally quiet world of archivists and historians.
The UK-based National Archivist web site, located at http://www.
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