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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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In effect this is no different from I&A retaining and maintaining the machines capable of playing archived film or vinyl records, but it would still represent something of a "first" for digital archiving and preservation.
New archive index handling provides for index validation and faster access to archived data.
One significant advantage of Active Archiving is that the archived data and tables remain accessible even if the original database model (the way that tables relate to one another) has changed.
This release also includes enhanced features for browsing archived data and additional options to provide information about the specific archive, delete, or restore actions to other applications.
To ensure just one copy of the e-mail message is archived, the e-mail archive server applies single-instance storage to archived files and attachments through a unique message signature.
For example, armed with knowledge of the demand for e-mail storage and the capacity you're working with, you may decide that large messages, and messages with large attachments, should be archived sooner.
Users continue to have real-time access to archived data using comprehensive search, browse and reporting capabilities without restoring a single row.
As a general rule used for common email retention policies, 80 percent of email can be immediately archived.
By using a standard DVD underpinning, the system protects important archived information from accidental erasure, unauthorized modification, data corruption, or viruses, for 50 years or more.
These capabilities keep archived data accessible and dramatically reduce database overload, allowing companies to reduce storage requirements, improve application response time and reallocate current capacity to support more users and transactions.
Compliance Manager: Compliance Manager reduces the legal risk associated with e-mail for organizations, and ensures the corporate information store of e-mails is indexed, archived and stored effectively.
Meanwhile, users maintain quick and easy access to the archived data through browsing, searching, and selectively restoring active reference data that retains its business context.
Customers' expectations are that since 80% of the data was archived, then the Exchange database will automatically become smaller and more efficient.
Such a system should be flexible and allow users to make and distribute copies of archived data.
Tailored to the needs of small market broadcasters and specialty channels, Capsa dramatically improves access to archived media content and eliminates the high cost, inefficiency and inconvenience inherent in video tape archiving.
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