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largest mollusk known about but never seen (to 60 feet long)

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Though Architeuthis, a company based in Marseille in the south of France, specialises in marine and underwater projects, Clamagirand was first wary when confronted with building such a structure.
The elusive architeuthis, also known as giant squid, is a creature that dwells deep within the ocean's secret, shadowy depths.
Biochemical composition of cephalopods with different life strategies, with special reference to giant squid, Architeuthis sp.
THE STORY: Billy Harrow, a curator at the Darwin Centre in London's Natural History Museum, is conducting a routine tour when he discovers that the Centre's valuable specimen of Architeuthis dux--giant squid--has mysteriously vanished, tank and all.
gt;>En el caso del Architeuthis dux, tenemos a un cefalopodo, un miembro de la familia teuthid, peto esta variedad en particular ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en el invertebrado mas grande del planeta.
We've found pieces of the arms of giant squid, Architeuthis dux, floating where the whales are coming up," Johnson said.
The giant squid, or Architeuthis dux (ar-keh-TOOTH-us duks), owes its nickname to its jumbo size--females can measure 18 meters (60 feet).
The squid - Latin name Architeuthis - has become more than just a menu item thanks to research undertaken by two Japanese scientists, Tsunemi Kubodera and Kyoichi Mori, who dangled a line some 450 fathoms long and equipped with a camera, off the Ogasawara Islands in the Pacific.
The giant squid Architeuthis is known to reach up to 60ft in length but otherwise there is a lot we don't know about it, just one example of how little we know about life less than a mile down in the oceans of the world.
The team led by Tsunemi Kubodera, from the National Science Museum in Tokyo, tracked the 25-foot long Architeuthis as it attacked prey at 2,700 feet deep off the coast of Japan's Bonin islands.
The giant squid, Architeuthis dux, is the world's largest invertebrate, living at depths of up to 6,500 feet.
After frightening an entire generation out of the ocean with ``Jaws,'' author and oceanographer Peter Benchley has created a new underwater terror - architeuthis dux or the great squid - the world's largest invertebrate.
ARCHIE THE GIANT SQUID NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, LONDON CAUGHT off the coast of the Falklands in 2004, Archie (short for Latin name Architeuthis dux) is 28ft long with 31ftlong tentacles and so rare curators decided to preserve her whole.
These sequence data were compared with sequence data for 11 gonatid species from Genbank and at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Japan); Architeuthis sp.