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Architectural Style: Spanish Colonial with Chinese embellishments and intricate architectural details.
In turn, Chairman of the Supervising Committee of restoration of the clock Ahmed Gharib said that the unique architectural style of the clock has only one peer in the world, in Istanbul city.
Al-Otaibi gave examples of these as the general planning, the distinctive architectural style as indicated by the grand mosque, the housing units that were linked to one another and the locations for smelting the minerals and treating them.
Though this exhibit does not feature Delvoye's most shocking works, such as the digestive machine "Cloaca" or tattooed live pigs, Gallery Hyundai CEO Do Hyung-teh said he tried to cover the diversity of Delvoye's eclectic oeuvre, ranging from ornate carvings on an aluminum Maserati shell to scale models of trucks incorporating Gothic architectural style.
These are dome-structured and have a quadrangular shape, having a blend of Indian and Persian architectural styles.
REST isn't the only architectural style for designing web APIs, of course.
Saudi Arabia is set to build 14 out of 50 mosques in the original architectural style of Makkah to boost the Islamic identity of the surrounding Makkah environs, said a report.
Which Italian architectural style was introduced into England by Inigo Jones?
"Some mosques will be built in the local style and Fatimid style, while others will follow the Ottoman style, or a modern architectural style," said Jassim.
Project promoter Leila Boulifa said the tourist complex embraces the architectural style of the Medina of Kef and should contribute to developing cultural tourism.
"Excelsior Hotel Gallia is a magnificent property that has undergone a meticulous renovation and strategic expansion that marries contemporary design with the hotel's Belle [euro][umlaut]poque architectural style, ensuring that this remains as one of Milan's historic landmarks," says Sheikh Nawaf Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani (pictured above), chairman, Katara Hospitality.
You can add character and beauty to your home by learning more about your house's architectural style and adding design elements to complement the look.
Ancient architectural styles include Persian and Parthian architectural style that Persian style has been established during Achaemenid government and Parthian style has been established during the Parthian government.
Blend these objectives with a drive to incorporate a new urban standard of style that juxtaposes artistic architectural style with practical living and you have a guide that's packed with full-page color photos and discussions of just why the Rosemary Beach development is so remarkable.
Emad Mohammed Ahmed, a resident of Sana'a, said: "qamaria are traditional and do not suit the modern architectural style. Qamaria craftsmen should come up with new designs to keep up with the modern decoration of houses."
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