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sheet of metal formed into a thin plate

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Dixon Salo Associates is the architect; the repairs are being made by Crocker Architectural Sheet Metal of North Oxford.
a fabricator and installer of metal roofing and architectural sheet metal products, based in Hampton, Va.
The work includes concrete foundation, concrete slab and building pad preparation, structural steel framing, light gauge metal stud wall framing with EIFS building enclosure, thermal insulation, roofing, architectural sheet metal flashing and trim, sidewalk and snow melt system partial replacement, aluminium storefront windows and entrance, glazing, interior gypsum wall partitions, complete toilet and shower room, casework, interior finishes and an extension of existing mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection and communication systems.
Couture said the home's heating system, cabinets, floors and yard are ruined, as was some equipment in his architectural sheet metal shop next door.
a Lakewood, Washington-based architectural sheet metal firm, on its sale to a private investor in Washington state.
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