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Like Joseph Gies, Reuther had been a student of Julius Melchers, and by 1882 had formed a company to produce architectural ornaments with fellow carvers Joachim Jungwirth and Richard Krakow.
The rich art treasures of India and Southeast Asia are unveiled in this impressive book through one single architectural ornament, the torana (arched portal or festoon).
Brolin's excellent book Architectural Ornament: Banishment and Return discusses this.
The conservation effort was carried out by Evergreene Painting Studios, a New York City-based firm that specializes in the restoration of architectural ornament and decorative finishes, such as painting, ornamental plasterwork, mosaics, and gilding.
"I've traveled the country uncovering and restoring historic treasures," observes Jeff Greene, founder and president of New York-based EverGreene Painting Studios, which specializes in conserving and restoring architectural ornament in historic buildings.
Instead, their elements are selected to illustrate phases in style, purposes of decoration, and application of distinctive materials in chapters devoted to such topics as wall treatments, architectural ornament, church furniture, glass windows, flooring, and ceilings.
It was designed to be an architectural ornament, tea house and vantage to admire the spectacular Badger Dingle.
Sullivan soon learned to imitate Furness's eccentric architectural ornament. This was conventional in subject matter--stylized flora in the vein of Owen Jones in England or Ruprich-Robert in France--but not in treatment, which had a peculiar alert angularity.
(30) The architectural ornament in this text supports and amplifies the principal structure which it was meant to decorate: it is at once an organic part and extension of the whole.
Like a skillful detective, he shows us how abstract theological concepts have been concretized in the very clouds drapery, and architectural ornament of the Benedictional's illuminations.
On a south Etruscan architectural ornament of painted terracotta from the early fifth century B.C., a maenad and silenos--mythological followers of Dionysos--sweep along in a lively dance.
A System of Architectural Ornament. New York: Rizzoli, In Cooperation with the Art Institute of Chicago, 1990.
Using local labour and red clays found nearby, he set out to emulate the architectural ornament of the 15th century Della Robbia.
The purely architectural ornament had become an "image in the ground," as the title of that series, "Dm Bild im Boden" 1985-2010, would have it.
The last chapter is devoted to the architectural ornament of buildings in northern Mesopotamia in comparison to that of Resafa.
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