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the science of architecture

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"The Architectonics of Fiction." Callaloo 13 (1): 42-46.
In three chapter-long studies, Naqvi revisits Amras (1964), Korrektur (1975), and Alte Meister (1985), discussing the various architectonic conceptualizations of knowledge, learning, and teaching.
Fingelkurts, "Alpha rhythm operational architectonics in the continuum of normal and pathological brain states: current state of research," International Journal of Psychophysiology, vol.
The remaining 63 patients, in addition to the symptoms of AR, had nasal obstructive disorders: a violation of the architectonics of the nasal cavity due to anomalies of the bone-cartilaginous skeleton of the nose--40 children; adenoids of significant degrees--48 children; and a combination of abnormalities of intranasal structures and hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil--21 children [29, 42].
The work belongs to Lapin's architectonics aka temples, with which the artist started in 1974 and which he has been one of the few artists (possibly the only one!) in Europe to regularly create.
Another prominent voice in this volume is that of Lawrence McCrea, both of whose essays--on Magha's Sisupalavadha ("The Conquest of Cool: Theology and Aesthetics in Magha's Sisupalavadha") and Rajas'ekhara's highly literary play Balaramayana ("The Poetics of Perspective in Rajasekhara's Young Ramayana")--elucidate complex narrative architectonics of Sanskrit kavya.
This he defines as "macropolitical flight whereby agents flee slavery through non-fleeting acts of naming, veve architectonics, liberation, reordering of the state of society, and constitutionalism." Roberts insists that this is a "non-sovereign state of being" (p.
This aspect of Judd's work acquired a particular inflection in Begum's evolving sculptural imagination when it came to signal a form of cultural alterity in relation to her experience of a very different kind of abstraction: the architectonics of emptiness that structures the Islamic conception of sacred space, the void that is the sphere of prayer for the believer, a "vacuity" the more blissful for the arabesques and geometric patterns embellishing it.
Mikhail Bakhtin's concept of architectonics holds great potential in the field of literary criticism, eventhough it has been vastly overlooked by scholars, at least in the English-speaking world.
By means of the Portfolio Analysis, jurists working under the LAEP approach can assess elements in the "contractual architectonics" which underlie the enjoyment of legal rights, highlighting the features relevant for price formation and for the transmission of price signals, which are described as interportfolio relay.
I attended a lecture on architecture and architectonics at the American Studies and Research Center at Hyderabad, India, but poet and architect Hasan Masud Taj had made it seem so simple.
Individual contributions are focused on the moral physiology of laughter, architectonics of knowledge in seventeenth-century English thought, early modern natural science as an agent for change in naturalist painting, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
But Martin --through titling, tonality, and architectonics --takes you someplace else, where reception persists while binary discriminations don't so much.
The sprawling architectonics of the spider's web (the
Having established "I-for-myself," "The-other-for-me," and "I-for-the-other" as the "basic moments" in the architectonics of an answerable deed, Bakhtin finds them across the domain of cognition, science, art, politics (in which he locates both ethical and social values) and religion by virtue of the fact that these are all domains where human lived experience, without an alibi in being, can once-occur (1993, p.
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