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the science of architecture

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From the above it follows that the pathogenesis of portal hypertension can not be reduced only to the difficulties of intrahepatic venous blood flow due to mechanical barriers, changes of liver architectonics and other local factors.
Almost) every philosopher tackles the Critique of Pure Reason in his or her training; it's something of a boot camp to work your way through its twists and turns, its forbidding terminology, its elaborate architectonic.
Such coatings are to have three-dimensional architectonics stimulating processes of osteogenesis for which purpose we need thickness of coating of more than 150 urn and high porosity with the size of pores of more than 100 urn.
In fact, McCann's last sentence suggests a self-consciousness that the architectonics of this novel might be considered a bit overwrought and clever.
The process involved a principled "free association" of subjects, culled, in the case of Picasso and Braque, from the iconography of the Parisian studio and cafe, to be sure, but driving toward a textured collage of the motif with much broader ramifications: an architectonics of sensorial intensity, disavowing the unity of the image in favor of its mystery and multiplicity, in which the historical horror of modernity's unconscious can be discerned breaking out in a kinesthetic abstraction of reference bearing global significance for a world under the domination of Euro-realist reason and control (Read, 98, 100-101, 144, 162, 180).
Imbricating Faith and Learning: The Architectonics of Christian Scholarship.
Ivan Vladislavic has been concerned with the architectonics of power from his earliest writing.
Zaborowska studies the architectonics of specific locations and the body politics of imprisonment in its various forms in this chapter, fleshing out the "distinct Turkish stamp in form and content" that presents itself in the narratological textures of these novels.
Beatrice's stance on the political architectonics of Kangan, where Anthills of the Savannah is set, is crucial in understanding women empowerment through the expansion of the public sphere.
Visitors derive a sense of being part of the cognoscenti who appreciate avant-garde architectonics.
This second allusion--a sudden serious extension of the otherwise playful Scottish imagery introduced by the link between the historical brush and the imagined sporran in the poem's second line--typifies the associative architectonics of 'Keeping Going'.
AZUCENA CRUZ, "The Architectonics of Segregation: A Phenomenological Analysis of Bodies, Borders and Space.
There is a strong inclination among high church conservatives against interfering in the social order except to preserve its constitutional architectonics.
If we were to make completely explicit the architectonics of the human body, its ontological framework, and how it sees itself and hears itself, we would see that the structure of its mute world is such that all the possibilities of language are already given in it.
Popova turned exclusively to dynamic geometric forms and experimented with texture, rhythm, density, and color in works she called "painterly architectonics.
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