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of or pertaining to construction or architecture


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With their architectonically constructed and severely etiolated bodies, the mature Berlin streetwalkers are radically different from the soft Saxon physiques of his young Dresden models, yet in the paintings they are still captivating.
Architectonically the corrugated plate bridge structures are not less attractive than the traditional prefabricated concrete, steel plate girder or composite (steel + concrete) structures.
The defining weakness of this building -- a structural clumsiness that derives from a designer's inability to think architectonically -- is also evident in his largest project to date, an equally clumsy and similarly designed white residential building at 170 East End Avenue.
In the case of The House of Fame, whether it is unresolved (like a lumpish amalgam of disconnected episodes), deliberately disjointed or architectonically secure remains a dividing issue.
That is, rhetoric 'gives back' to the disciplines it draws inartistic proof from as far as it architectonically [3] contributes to their constitution.
Inexorably, such plurality leads to new insights that are creatively, organically, and architectonically related to the "original judgment" of doctrine.
Lamenting this a bit, Kant writes: "It is unfortunate that only after we have spent much time collecting cognitions, as building materials, in a rhapsodic way at the suggestion of an idea lying hidden in our minds, and indeed after we have, over a long period of time, assembled them in a technical manner, does it first become possible for us to discern the idea in a clear light and draw up a whole architectonically according to the ends of reason.
There is always the slight sense of complexity generated, however cleverly and architectonically, for the sake of it; of addition rather than reduction, though the workmanship, even in trickier moments, is generally exceptional.
This importance is here registered architectonically, as it is with the rice and beans that the narrating present becomes itself subject to narration.
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