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of or pertaining to construction or architecture


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These compositional forms, determined by architectonical forms, are existing forms of contents of artistic or aesthetic views.
Thus, interpreting the architectonical beauty like a game of proportions, possible as well in the new technique discussed, Ruskin maybe rightly considered as a forerunner of modern architecture.
Some buildings should be preserved for their historical and architectonical importance and should become a part of the living urban organism and daily urban structures once again.
3) On the architectonical development of the city under Septimius Severus see Mango (2003: 593-608).
1998: 341), while adopting soviet architectonical ideals like the Lomonosov University in Moscow (1947-1953) or the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (1953-1955), both erected under the direction of the soviet architect Lev Rudnev (1885-1956).
In the site of Complutum, nowadays Alcala de Henares, we found information about the site called La Casa de Hippolytus (Hippolytus House) where the architectonical buildings are a bath structure, set out as a collegia see, build by the Annios family1.
The Florence Charter (1982) devoted to historical gardens and parks introduced a new term for historical gardens and parks defining them as 'living monuments' and thereby moving away from the referable regulations of the architectonical monuments.
36) The architectural scheme that Jones presents is classical in nature and is the same architectonical scheme of the stage of a theatre that is presented in Book Five, Chapter VI of Vitruvius's De architectura.
The store merges two pre-existent architectonical volumes and integrates a pedestrian crossing by enclosing it between the two entrance doors.
As European major cities, the Italian capital is a concentration of theaters, cine clubs, art galleries, cafes, concert areas and clubs coming to live under an evocative setting of historical and architectonical assets that no other city in the world can boast of.
As a result, new readings in funerary landscape, religiosity, ethnicity, architectonical typology, materials and goods ate proposed.
Previous scholars have tried to connect these significant numbers with elements of Buddhist doctrine traceable to Sanskrit texts, whereas our authors understand them as an attempt by the ancient builders to harmoniously link the microcosmos to the macrocosmos by means of numerical correspondences between architectonical elements and solar and lunar months, years and longer cosmic eras.
67) Among the immovable tangible property protected by the law are 1) architecture and its elements, including the applied ornamentation; 2) groups of architectonical elements and complexes, and complexes of vernacular architecture; 3) historical centers and complexes, including the surrounding areas and landscapes; 4) the urban design of cities and towns, 5) paleontological and archaeological sites; 6) historical sites; 7) areas or singular places created by humans, or a combination of these with the surrounding landscape, recognized by its character or sight as a place of exceptional value; 8) prehistoric and pre-Hispanic inscriptions and representations.
Among the immovable tangible property protected by the law are: 1) paleontological and archaeological sites; 2) historical sites; 3) prehistoric and pre-Hispanic inscriptions and representations; 4) architecture and its elements, including the ornamentation; 4) the groups of elements and architectonical complexes, and 5) the urban design of cities and towns.
The spectator becomes a faux tourist and the art work within its architectonical framework a souvenir object par excellence--it is namely a fetish of the Experience (20).
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