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of or pertaining to construction or architecture


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Whereas Ahlmann is working in a decidedly architectonic manner and on a large scale, Madsen is working, to a greater extent, with textures on the surface while, her background in craftsmanship is also often spotlighted, typically, in both her plates and her vessels.
For example, Aristotle's initial contentions that "the human good" falls within the most authoritative and especially architectonic science or capacity, and that such is what politike appears to be (NE 1094a24-94bll), is incompatible with his ultimate identification of that good with the activity that accords with theoretical virtue: politike proves to be but a subset of prudence, which in turn is inferior to science or wisdom (NE 1141b24-31; 1141a18-20 and 1144a5-6).
Almost) every philosopher tackles the Critique of Pure Reason in his or her training; it's something of a boot camp to work your way through its twists and turns, its forbidding terminology, its elaborate architectonic.
Holzmeister's stage designs always respected the requirements of stage productions but never concealed the architectonic background of their creator.
While other convention centres boast quantity, the Austrian venue enthrals exhibitors and guests with pure architectonic elegance.
Here, our ambivalent attitude to the idea of facade becomes manifest: even though exempted from ethical charges and treasured as an architectonic element, it is still judged negatively and condemned when it returns, after a long semantic detour, to its lexical origin--the face.
In relation to the historical reconstructions of the earlier tapes, the more recent documentary Urban Inuk takes on particular architectonic meanings as it places Inuit architectural histories into relief against an urban, Southern landscape.
That part of history is nowadays almost forgotten or neglected by the majority of people, but it can be found almost everywhere and sometimes it is so huge and amazing in its aspects and shapes that it looks like a complexion of fickle architectonic styles poured from above like an acid rain from a faraway planet.
So, it is normal not to organize a transparent international tender because there is not a single urban expert in the world who could agree to make such an architectonic Frankenstein in the center of the state.
Even one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the architectonic Taj Mahal, took 20 years to build.
Upon entering, accompanied by his colleagues, he was surprised to find an impressive architectonic underground structure supported by 22 giant pillars.
In contrast to the intensely dramatic character of Janacek's sonata, Miloslav Kabelac's Eight Preludes of 1956 is introverted, and the emotions here are almost drastically subordinated to the composer's overall architectonic plan.
Complementing the degree of complexity permitted in form, a spirit of simplicity has presided over the architect's organisation of functions and choice of materials, with the house expressed as two distinct architectonic elements; a timber box containing living spaces and master suite, sitting above and cantilevering over a rubble limestone base that contains guest rooms and a partially buried pottery workshop.
In the last several years of his life, despite numerous difficulties caused both by his condition and by the treatment, Demuth completed a spectacular series of architectonic works that are generally classified by art historians as "Precisionist," a label also applied to Georgia O'Keeffe and Charles Sheeler.
He has had the pleasure of creating architectonic scaled sculptures in light, for publicly accessible sites on this continent, Europe and Asia that are measured in hundreds of feet and multiples of tons.
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