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a group of many islands in a large body of water

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In our archipelago, I believe that fossiliferous formations could be formed of sufficient thickness to last to an age, as distant in futurity as the secondary formations lie in the past, only during periods of subsidence.
It is, also, probable that each great period of subsidence would be interrupted by oscillations of level, and that slight climatal changes would intervene during such lengthy periods; and in these cases the inhabitants of the archipelago would have to migrate, and no closely consecutive record of their modifications could be preserved in any one formation.
Very many of the marine inhabitants of the archipelago now range thousands of miles beyond its confines; and analogy leads me to believe that it would be chiefly these far-ranging species which would oftenest produce new varieties; and the varieties would at first generally be local or confined to one place, but if possessed of any decided advantage, or when further modified and improved, they would slowly spread and supplant their parent-forms.
Even at this day, if the Malay Archipelago were converted into land, the tropical parts of the Indian Ocean would form a large and perfectly enclosed basin, in which any great group of marine animals might be multiplied; and here they would remain confined, until some of the species became adapted to a cooler climate, and were enabled to double the southern capes of Africa or Australia, and thus reach other and distant seas.
Here it is," replied Captain Nemo, showing me a map of the Archipelago.
The next day, the 16th of February, we left the basin which, between Rhodes and Alexandria, is reckoned about 1,500 fathoms in depth, and the Nautilus, passing some distance from Cerigo, quitted the Grecian Archipelago after having doubled Cape Matapan.
From Smyrna towards the Holy Land the course will lay through the Grecian Archipelago, close by the Isle of Patmos, along the coast of Asia, ancient Pamphylia, and the Isle of Cyprus.
He had originally been a petty eri, or chief; but, being of an intrepid and aspiring nature, he had risen in rank, and, availing himself of the superior advantages now afforded in navigation, had brought the whole archipelago in subjection to his arms.
In Hawaii and the Red Sea, archipelagos with larger territorial extension, there are a greater number of bays for spinner dolphins to rest (Norris & Dohl, 1980; Norris et al.
The presence of spinner dolphins in Fernando de Noronha Archipelago has been reported since 1556 (Silva-Jr.
The archipelagos of Panama, though diverse, have significant similarities in terms of the problems they face.
The small Pacific island nation of Kiribati has created the world's largest protected marine reserve--the 410 500-square-kilometre Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), one of the planet's last intact coral archipelagos currently threatened by over-fishing and climate change.
Such an agreement would give Canada the de facto governing authority it desires and allow the United States freedom of navigation, without setting a precedent for other international archipelagos.
In comparison to other archipelagos within the Great Lakes, the Lake Michigan Archipelago has a less diverse herpetofauna.
Polynesian settlers of various island groups, or archipelagos, regu larly navigated vessels to and from faraway sources of this volcanic rock, contend Marshall I.