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the superior of an abbey of monks


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Either way, to commemorate the vaunted icon Haliatovs'kyi, then the archimandrite, produced a published account devoted to all the Elets miracles (some of which had been included in Nebo novoe) in simultaneous Polish and Cyrillic editions, titled Skarbnitsa (The Treasure Chest).
Baranovych, at the time the Il'ins'kyi archimandrite, published the first account of the miracles in 1677, titled The Miracle of the Most Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary That Took Place from Her Miracle-Working Image at the Monastery of the Prophet Elijah in Chernihiv, which described 22 miracles and then offered versified prayers of thanksgiving.
As such, the tales augmented the perspectives articulated by Gizel', the archimandrite of the Caves Monastery, whose Sinopsis (Kyiv, 1674, 1681) had set forth a vision of a common East Slavic heritage for Kyiv and Moscow.
The most complete account of these events is the combined vitae of Kazan's first archbishop, Gurii, and one of the elite churchmen who accompanied him, Archimandrite Varsonofii.
German was another one-time hegumen of the Iosifo-Volokolamskii Monastery, assigned with the creation of the Bogoroditskii Monastery in Sviiazhsk, and the other was Varsonofii, a former archimandrite of the Pesnoshskii Monastery, who founded an urban monastery in Kazan', the Spaso-Preobrazhenskii.
Arzamas's Spaso-Preobrazhenskii Monastery, for example, received a charter in 1614 instructing the archimandrite to construct granaries in two places on its land, one in town and one outside of it, in order to provide a place for merchants to store their goods.
Greek Orthodox Christians stayed at odds with Latin Christians, Archimandrites quarrelled with Franciscan friars, Armenians went armed in the presence of Copts - while Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews, not to be outdone, distrusted one another more heartily than they did the goyim.
One of the first things we discussed about our re-opening was people's reaction and so we have spoken to the police and security firms to ensure order is kept at our branches island-wide," Popular Bank spokesman Costas Archimandrites said.
Whereas Iona's economic pursuits were relatively conservative, in the second half of the 17th century the archimandrites of the Borisoglebskii Monastery embarked on a more aggressive policy of economic expansion.
The archimandrites of the Torzhok monastery seem to have followed the practice of taking over smaller houses that many of the largest monastic establishments, such as the Trinity-St.
In pursuing their ascription goals, the Borisoglebskii archimandrites seem to have enlisted the support of the administrators of smaller monastic houses.
Twenty-nine of the thirty-seven candidates in the thirteen elections were hieromonks, two were archimandrites, and six were either not named, or their office within the clergy was not given.
Of these candidates and the other Archbishops of Novgorod whose backgrounds are known, six of the winning candidates were hegumens, five were simple monks, two were priests, two were dukhovniki, one was an archimandrite, one was a kliuchnik, and one was a protodeacon.
Furthermore, he seems to have represented the Novgorodian Church, not the city as a political entity, addressing the grand prince on behalf of "your prayerful bishop, as well as the archimandrites, hegumens, and all the priests of the seven cathedrals of Novgorod.
The Novgorodian First Chronicle says that Isidor "appointed Archimandrite Gelasi as their vladyka and gave him the vladyka's [i.