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the superior of an abbey of monks


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I would like to entreat his Holiness, the Archimandrite Avgoustinos Karras of the Constantia Bishopric, who understandably feels close to his parishioners, to study this statement with an open heart and to lead his flock to growing awareness and good practices in the service of creation.
For more about Archimandrite Stefan's activities during the war in Switzerland, see Pendzhekova, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
2 (Petra)--Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nayef Al Fayez on Wednesday met with Head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, Archimandrite Alexander.
Archimandrite Justin (a Texan), who guided our group and approved the nuptial use of the location, is the monastery librarian who directs the project of digitally copying their ancient religious texts.
In Scott Kenworthy's presentation of a rare memoir of a monk, one reads of Archimandrite Toviaa--once a serf whose belief in pilgrimage and liturgy molded his final obedience to solitude.
Shishkov and Archimandrite Filaret, and the Holy Alliance and European mysticism.
Deacon Father Eleutherios, left, and Very Reverend Archimandrite Father Lakovos, right, take the Sunday service at |the Church of St Nicholas, Cardiff
The following year Nikodim appointed Kirill as his personal secretary and began boosting him through the ROC ranks: archimandrite, bishop, archbishop, metropolitan.
The Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Atrpatakan, Supreme Archimandrite Grigor Chiftchyan, asked the Aras economic zone department for protection of cultural and religious monuments to observe the norms of Armenian church construction in the restoration, Blagovest-Info reported.
He cited the case of Archimandrite Panteleimon Farah, who was sentenced to a life of isolation at the Hamatoura Monastery in the Koura town of Kousba last month by the Clerical Disciplinary Council, an ecclesiastical hearing where a church member is tried over certain allegations, following what the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Batroun called "violations of Christian life.
In November 2000, he was ordained deacon by Nevrokop Bishop Nataniel and archimandrite in December 2000.
St Stephen's Episcopal Church was transformed into an Orthodox Church for the occasion thru the generosity of the hosts, and the loan of sacred objects by Archimandrite Maximos of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of New Orleans.
Klement (himself a martyr of communism), was archimandrite (abbot) of the Studite monastery in Univ.
Acting Minister of Agriculture, outgoing Water and Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, outgoing Ministers of Information Walid Daouk, Tourism Fadi Abboud, and State Nicolas Fattoush, as well as former Ministers of Agriculture Elias Skaff and Adel Cortas, former MPs Salim Aoun and Emile Lahoud, FAO Ambassador Ali Momen, President of the Basilian Choueirite Order Archimandrite Elie Mlouf, and a big number of figures attended the ceremony.
The Orthodox church in Russia particularly honors the appearance of Archangel Michael before Archimandrite Joseph in 1608 when Polish troops laid siege to the St.