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of or associated with an archbishop

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The usefulness of Duggan's meticulous annotation of the letters is augmented by such helps to the reader as the year-by-year summary of Becket's archiepiscopate in which she indicates the place of individual letters and her full appendices of biographical and of legal and topical notes.
After Archbishop Moisei resigned the archiepiscopate in 1330, the chronicler wrote that:
74) The metropolitan then placed Archbishop Sergei in the archiepiscopate on September 4, 1484.
The Novgorodian Fourth Chronicle and the Sofiiskaia Chronicle also notes that Iona was placed in the archiepiscopate but mentions no election.
This publication, the second York volume in the Episcopal Acta series, covers the archiepiscopate of Roger of Pont L'Eveque, 154-81.
By focusing primarily on the diocese of Dublin, however, James Murray has put forward a balanced and quite convincing account of that failure through an examination of the archiepiscopates of George Browne, Hugh Curwen, and Adam Loflus and their efforts to accommodate changing religious directives from London at the same time balancing various pressures within Ireland.
120) More substantial was his appointment to the new high commission for the archiepiscopates of St.
The 1991 and 1992 excavations produced struck coins, blanks, off-cuts and tools which attest coin production in these workshops during the three final archiepiscopates of Gaute Ivarsson (1474-1510), Erik Valkendorff (1510-22) and Olav Engelbrektsson (1523-37).