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of or associated with an archbishop

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According to Duck, Chichele's archiepiscopate was strikingly anachronistic for the fifteenth century, for he possessed 'great Qualities, and so much the greater, because the Corruptions of the Clergy from the Papacy down to the Begging Orders, were then to an insupportable degree'.
Taken together, the evidence suggests an archiepiscopal office that grew in power up to the mid- th century (especially under Nifont and Il'ia), fell into decline in the second quarter of the 13th century (in some measure because of the Mongol invasion), and then grew again in power and influence only in the second quarter of the 14th century (particularly with the archiepiscopate of Vasilii Kalika).
126) With no clear line between religion and politics, the archbishop held a key position in society and politics as well as the Church, and Feofil's actions throughout his archiepiscopate had a broader impact on the city and its relations with Moscow without his being the head of the republic, symbolically or otherwise.
Bernadskii notes the Detinets (or "Kremlin," as he calls it) was built in stone in 1331, the first year of Vasilii's archiepiscopate (Novgorod, 25).
130) The last treaty of Evfimii II's archiepiscopate, the Peace of Iazhelbitsii, was signed at the end of February 1456, a little over two years before his death.
94) There are no letters to or from the patriarch or the metropolitan, or to or from other bishops, between the archiepiscopates of Nifont (d.
After Archbishop Moisei resigned the archiepiscopate in 1330, the chronicler wrote that:
74) The metropolitan then placed Archbishop Sergei in the archiepiscopate on September 4, 1484.
The Novgorodian Fourth Chronicle and the Sofiiskaia Chronicle also notes that Iona was placed in the archiepiscopate but mentions no election.
The Novgorodian First Chronicle notes that Vasilii was shorn a monk in January 1331, after his election to the archiepiscopate.
By focusing primarily on the diocese of Dublin, however, James Murray has put forward a balanced and quite convincing account of that failure through an examination of the archiepiscopates of George Browne, Hugh Curwen, and Adam Loflus and their efforts to accommodate changing religious directives from London at the same time balancing various pressures within Ireland.
120) More substantial was his appointment to the new high commission for the archiepiscopates of St.