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of or associated with an archbishop

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Indeed, his unwillingness to let his archiepiscopal office and responsibility be simply subsumed into that of the papal nuncio when the two were in disagreement should not be seen as evidence of disrespect toward the papacy, though the Salvadoran bishops who opposed him sought to portray it that way.
The oldest extant oratory is the Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna, Italy, from about 500AD.
Where Laib learned of this motto remains a mystery, though Salzburg, as the archiepiscopal seat, had no lack of scholars who could have suggested the phrase.
Valogatott dokumentumok a Kalocsai Erseki Leveltar 1848-1851 kozotti anyagabol, Forraskiadvany, [Selected Documents of the Archiepiscopal Archives of Kalocsa 1848/49] ed.
When Archbishop Baranyi summons Hananel to his archiepiscopal palace, the Rebbe becomes fearful.
Le delegue apostolique vante sa largeur d'esprit et sa haute competence, donnant a entendre qu'il etait l'homme tout designe pour remplacer Mgr Emard sur le siege archiepiscopal d'Ottawa.
The book gives us an overview of Cardinal Ouellet's wonderful spiritual life, from his birth in Abitibi, passing through some missions in Latin America and the Roman Curia, right up to the archiepiscopal See of Quebec.
Built in 1404, the Town Council had Roland situated facing the archiepiscopal cathedral as the representation of the town's love of liberty and its consistent struggle for independence.
On his first archiepiscopal visitation in 1605, Richard Bancroft, for example, inquired at compendious length into the possible forms of disturbance that might conceivably interfere with regular worship:
The Mariana Museum of Music, located in the Archiepiscopal Palace in Mariana, Minas Gerais (the wealthiest state in Brazil in colonial days), is the site of the Archive of Brazilian Music and sponsor of the project for the restoration and dissemination of scores.
Early sources tell us that Pontormo's frescoed altarpiece was painted for the right-hand altar of the oratory of S Ruffillo del Vescovo in Florence, located in Piazza dell'Olio behind the Archiepiscopal Palace.
However long the rest of his archiepiscopal tenure, it may well be crippled by future malicious attacks upon him.
Having so recently left the archiepiscopal inheritance of St David he would also have been mindful of the Englishman's misunderstanding of St George's symbolic slaying of the dragon.
32) The dioceses of St David's and Llandaff were not only competing against each other in the struggle for archiepiscopal primacy, but were also attempting to fend off Norman influence.
If they fail to leave at the right moment, they sooner or later either commit suicide, directly or indirectly, or perish slowly and wretchedly on this lethal soil with its archiepiscopal architecture and its mindless blend of National Socialism and Catholicism.