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of or associated with an archbishop

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Indeed, his unwillingness to let his archiepiscopal office and responsibility be simply subsumed into that of the papal nuncio when the two were in disagreement should not be seen as evidence of disrespect toward the papacy, though the Salvadoran bishops who opposed him sought to portray it that way.
The simple interlace, the stepped base, and the three-lobed stylized blossoms of Yonge's cross can be seen in the signa manualia of the 1380s and 1390s preserved in the York Archiepiscopal records.
In reading an important document dated 16 December 1743 (but 1472), we learn that the Archiepiscopal House of Capua gave Luca Cafarello, so called Bag, in perpetuum de casale Puczoni, 'integras domos, consistentes in duobus membris (rooms), duobus videlicet inferioribus et uno superiori, cum curti, in qua sunt putheus (well), et cantarus (pot) dicte archiepiscopalis camera Capuane [.
Murray argues that through all these archiepiscopal vicissitudes, the English cathedral clergy worked diligently to retain their power, focusing on maintaining their superiority over the unfit Irish.
The oldest extant oratory is the Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna, Italy, from about 500AD.
Note, too, that it was on account of its expanded responsibilities that Salzburg was promoted to archiepiscopal status by pope Leo III at Charlemagne's request in 797.
MADDAPALLIKUNNEL, The Tribunals of a Major Archiepiscopal Church.
Les menaces que les almoravides avaient fait peser sur Tolede avaient disparu et, en 1152, l'eveque de Segovie Jean (1152-1166) succedait a Raymond de la Sauvetat sur le trone archiepiscopal et appelait dans le chapitre l'archidiacre de Cuellar Dominicus.
Where Laib learned of this motto remains a mystery, though Salzburg, as the archiepiscopal seat, had no lack of scholars who could have suggested the phrase.
Valuable information can also be gleaned from the files of the Munich and Berlin Nunciatures from 1922 to 1939, (21) as well as the opening of the Cardinal Faulhaber Archive in the Archiepiscopal Archive of Munich and Freising.
Valogatott dokumentumok a Kalocsai Erseki Leveltar 1848-1851 kozotti anyagabol, Forraskiadvany, [Selected Documents of the Archiepiscopal Archives of Kalocsa 1848/49] ed.
When Archbishop Baranyi summons Hananel to his archiepiscopal palace, the Rebbe becomes fearful.
31) En la Nueva Granada, hoy Colombia, la ordenacion de mestizos era bastante frecuente durante la gestion archiepiscopal de Luis Zapata de Cardenas, de Santa Fe de Bogota (1573-1590).
Le delegue apostolique vante sa largeur d'esprit et sa haute competence, donnant a entendre qu'il etait l'homme tout designe pour remplacer Mgr Emard sur le siege archiepiscopal d'Ottawa.
El intento de evitar tensiones y contraposiciones frontales habia sido una de las razones de la transferencia de Lambertini desde Ancona a Bolonia en 1731, a la muerte del arzobispo Giacomo Boncompagni, tras cuarenta anos de un gobierno rico en desencuentros y enfrentamientos por la defensa de los privilegios fiscales del clero, de derechos de inmunidad para iglesias o lugares sagrados, de exclusiva devolucion de las causas protagonizadas por clerigos o personas incluidas en el fuero archiepiscopal.