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Synonyms for archfiend

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

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The only way to get close to the archfiend is to infiltrate a ping-pong tournament that Feng organises every year in his secret jungle lair.
Roger's Version supports this position: Roger Lambert exhibits the seductive attraction and the fatal destructiveness of the immortal archfiend who embodies the undeniable reality of evil.
As a result, their despair, primarily presented through the archfiend, knows no limit, and only renewed obstinacy can provide a(n apparent) way out of it.
He is the Original Sinner, the only begetter of evil, the primal Archfiend.
Comus, the archfiend of Milton's A Mask Presented at Ludlow-Castle who anticipates Satan's character in Paradise Lost, provides us with an antithesis to such moderate, respectful living in nature.
If Jerome knew of this ascetic practice, he may have (perhaps correctly) associated it with the theory of logismoi of Evagrius Ponticus, very recently revealed to Jerome as the archfiend of Egyptian Origenism (see Clark, Origenist Controversy, 79-81,222-23).
one who could be counted on in stupidity and natural viciousness to play into their hands, for full exploitation in the press as archfiend and villain.
Gordon Liddy counseled his radio audience on the best method for murdering officers of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, archfiend of the paramilitary "patriot" movement.
As super ninja Ryu Hayabusa, you roam the world and hunt down the Demon Statue that was stolen by the Black Spider Ninja Clan to prevent the resurrection of the evil Archfiend.
But due to an unfortunate time machine wreck, a theft and the unwanted visit of the archfiend with the thin moustache and malevolent hats, this brainiacs' paradise is turned upside down; worse for Lewis, he's denied longed-for adoption just when he's found the family of his dreams.
The clause "if I be still the same" lies at the heart of the argument, and the archfiend speaks truer than he intends.
The Catholic church, through its Inquisition, is famous for cultivating Lucifer as the archfiend, but the church's enemies relied no less upon the Old Boy to keep the human mind enthralled.
In "The Crucible," however, the devil is not cast as either a seducer or archfiend, but as something more frightening -- a child's lie run amok.
So little of the evil we face each day is concentrated in an archfiend such as Hitler or solved by using force.