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the sport of shooting arrows with a bow

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After the Hermit has shown Edward some feats of archery, the joyous pair separate.
He had listened to these accounts, and to various contradictory reports on her appearance, her conversation, her point of view and her choice of friends, with the detachment with which one listens to reminiscences of some one long since dead; not till Medora suddenly spoke her name at the archery match had Ellen Olenska become a living presence to him again.
The Waziri, justly famed for their archery, found no cause to blush for their performance that day.
But Leto alone stays by the side of Zeus who delights in thunder; and then she unstrings his bow, and closes his quiver, and takes his archery from his strong shoulders in her hands and hangs them on a golden peg against a pillar of his father's house.
And herein the unconsciousness of the Ogre Grompus was pleasantly conspicuous; for, that complacent monster, believing that he was giving Miss Podsnap a treat, prolonged to the utmost stretch of possibility a peripatetic account of an archery meeting; while his victim, heading the procession of sixteen as it slowly circled about, like a revolving funeral, never raised her eyes except once to steal a glance at Mrs Lammle, expressive of intense despair.
As was noted in the feature article about the buck, the Pennsylvania Game Commission classifies crossbows as archery tackle, allows unrestricted crossbow use throughout the state's archery seasons and includes crossbow kills in the archery category of its official Big Game Records Program.
No Limit Archery is an exciting company that shares the Plano Synergy commitment to manufacture the very best products that offer consumers innovative technologies and reliable performance," said Tom Hurt, Plano Synergy president and CEO.
He said the approval in this connection was given by the President Pakistan Archery Federation Lt.
Archery, known for their quality youth bows and accessories is charting new territory with a more dynamic compound bow.
Growth of the archery equipment market in the US is characterized by the seasonality of the business.
GPS Performance was selected for its widespread experience in the sports marketing, event management and sponsorship industries, World Archery claimed.
Below I have listed a handful of people, just a few of many, who greatly influenced traditional archery.
The Secretary General Pakistan Archery Federation Wisal Mohammad Khan, Divisional Sports Officer Manzar Shah, District Sports Officer, Waheed Babar, Tehsil Sports Officer, Shahid Khan Officials and players present on the occasion.
Students, staff and parents and the wider community can now benefit from archery which is known to help participants build confidence, helping with concentration and generally getting people outside and more active.
By becoming a sponsor, Eagle Archery hopes to reach a greater market to promote their bowhunting and archery business, which is located in Marshall, Wisconsin.