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of or associated with an archbishop

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CFC scheduled a Christian Life Program for 24 February 1995 and needed archepiscopal approval.
The appropriately wild and fluffy Rowan Bear is made from tipped German mohair, stands 11 inches tall, and wears the right archepiscopal gear, complete with a cassock boasting 39 buttons--one for each of the Church of England's historic Articles of Religion.
32) At Shepton Mallet in 1633, after the Book of Sports had been republished, a man was presented during an archepiscopal visitation for saying that all who went to revels were rebels acting contrary to the laws of God.
In September 1991, he was part of a three-person apostolic investigation of the Syro-Malabar church in India, which led to the Vatican recognizing it as a major archepiscopal church, meaning greater local autonomy.
England's royal mints and the archepiscopal mint at Cologne produced high quality coins, identical in weight and purity.
s book deals with Anselm's often difficult and even stormy role as archbishop, especially in his struggles for the liberty of the Church, in particular of the monastic community and archepiscopal see of Canterbury.
Archbishop Scott, the former primate, pronounced his archepiscopal blessing twice during the service: first after the couple's declaration of lifelong promises of commitment and again at the end of the eucharist.
22) By 1915, fraternal societies had made substantial donations of stained glass windows, an archepiscopal throne carved by St.
Indeed, it was Bernardin's authority, both of his saintly person and of his archepiscopal office, that had brought forth the Vatican II church that was burying him.