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The committee also gave formal approval of bi-laws of Archeology and Literary Heritage Endowment Fund.
Senior Minister Atif Khan also took notice of the incident and directed the authorities concerned for taking action over violation of the Archeology Act 2016.
AMI said in a statement that the conference will include archeologists, geologists, researchers, and authors from across the world as well as from Philippines and Southeast Asia who will be presenting their research on advanced archeology discoveries, new theories.
The minister formed a committee and directed Archeology Department to take effective steps for preserving national heritage sites of the province including Gor Gathri, Sethi House and ouses of Daleep and Raj Kumar.
pointing out to the drawings found at the Cathedral Temples discovered at( FARAS) area, in addition to the drawings on the walls of the CathedralHe pinpointed to the efforts exerted by the both Sudanese and Polish sides, particularly the Expert in the Field of Archeology Dr.Yusuf Ghazi ,adding that the two Halls of Archeological Parade in Khartoum and Warsaw were established coincidently in July 1972In the same context, the Polish Expert and the Member of the Team of( FARAS fossils) Boghdan Zerwisky said the work also included photographing the discovered archaeologies and the archeological areas where the Mission has been working, pointing out to the archeological areas as a center of archeological works in (Al-Zooma) area.
Graham Hebbleth waite, chief officer of West Yorkshire Joint Services, which oversees the work of the Archeology Advisory Service, said: "Finding out about your own community helps build up a sense of identity and place.
"A lot of times, people tend to view archeology as a big hold-up for a project, but it doesn't have to be.
The National Park Service introduces kids to the world of archeology What does an archeologist do?
Nelson, and Alison Wylie, Equity Issues for Women in Archeology (Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association, Volume 5, 1994).
In November last year, the NAB had started grilling the officials of the Directorate of Archeology and Museums during inquiries into the alleged replacement of artifacts with replicas and illegal appointments.
MULTAN -- The Punjab Archeology Department restored historic identity of centuries old Shahi Mosque at Sargana village of Mailsi which was built during Emperor Akbar's regime.
The archeology in question is both literal and metaphorical, and proves to be an interesting dig of cultural, religious, architectural, culinary, and many other influences and how they contrast through our world.
The 10 articles for the special issue are from a session at the 2009 Society for Historical Archeology conference in Toronto.
"Being and Becoming Indigenous Archaeologists" is a collection of tales from those peoples who have taken up the discipline of archeology studying the land that's under them that the western world seeks history from.
The final part deals with urban archeology and the need for more interdisciplinary cooperation.