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On Wednesday, Rotgers will speak to the Archaeological Society about the use of DNA analysis in archeology.
Until now, maritime archeology has been largely confined to coastal shallows of less than 200 feet, the range for scuba divers.
Being and Becoming Indigenous Archaeologists" is a collection of tales from those peoples who have taken up the discipline of archeology studying the land that's under them that the western world seeks history from.
In this extension of his five-volume Encyclopedia of Archeology (1999-2001, ABC-CLIO), Murray (archeology, La Trobe U.
ELEONOR CONLIN CASELLA, School of Art History & Archeology, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, England.
Masters, former coordinator of marine archeology at Scripps, on an underwater tour of a 4,000-year-old submerged site at La Jolla Shores.
Tools of the Trade: Methods, Techniques, and Innovative Approaches in Archaeology" is a shop-approach to modern archeology, outlining the new ways and methods that modern science uses to dig deeper about the past of the world and humanity.
Judging from this collection of eight essays, which are reprinted from Part IV of Handbook of Gender in Archeology the study of gender has spread to all continents and all schools of thought in archeology.
SARAH COLLEY, School of Archeology, Building A14, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia sarah.
Glick was among 300 students at Santa Susana Elementary School who touched, held and inspected replicas of ancient Old World and New World artifacts during an archeology education program Thursday.
The scientific discipline archeology (the study of antiquity through ancient writings and artifacts) is taught in every university in this country and abroad.