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an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture

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Archeologist Fazal Khaliq Fazal said that the archeologist department found little signs about Sikandar-e-Azam presence in the area but the recent discovering in the area proved that he travelled to the area and clear sign was discovered in the area.
Israeli archeologists have uncovered ruins of biblical proportions.
JERUSALEM, October 24, 12011 (WAFA) -- A total of 84 international archeologists signed a petition demanding Israel to halt construction on Mamilla historical cemetery in East Jerusalem, Monday reported Haaretz newspaper.
In Macedonia, there are only five graduated Albanian archeologists and they are all unemployed.
A year ago, archeologists discovered a pool from the days of the Second Temple that had been used by pilgrims to Jerusalem, to refresh them after their long journey.
Archeologists from the University of Birmingham are surveying at the Grade 1-listed Manor House, in West Bromwich.
During June 29 to July 3, all six volunteers, both leaders, and two National Park Service archeologists who worked at the site sought medical care at a local hospital emergency room for acute respiratory and systemic symptoms.
Feller and archeologist Avner Goren take a 10,000-mile pilgrimage across the lands of the Bible, following the stories and journeys of Genesis through Deuteronomy.
It represents a period of time that is not well understood in the industry,'' Pacific Palisades archeologist John Foster said last week.
The clam-dragon looks very much like an angry crocodile, and the number of claws of the two animals are exactly the same,'' Xinhua quoted archeologist Wang Dayou as saying.
An archeologist who serves as a consultant to police investigating archeological theft estimates that over half of the 6,000 recorded sites on national forest lands in Arizona have been destroyed by looters.
CALABASAS - Human remains unearthed at a Calabasas construction site were identified Wednesday as belonging to an arthritic American Indian who died up to 400 years ago, a forensic archeologist said.
The new discovery, made on Mount Llullaillaco, at Argentina's border with Chile, was announced Tuesday by Johan Reinhard, an American archeologist and mountaineer who led an American-Argentine-Peruvian expedition supported by the National Geographic Society.
When Christine Rotgers retired from her job as a scientist at Amgen two years ago, she embarked on a second career as an amateur archeologist, studying under Lopez and working on local excavation projects.
A Pearblossom archeologist says his ``soul'' led him to a wooden chest filled with $500,000 in gold and silver coins, hidden in a cave 149 years ago by a Gold Rush expedition lost in the desert.