archeological remains

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a relic that has been excavated from the soil

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Zahi Hawwas if he has found any Jewish archeological remains in Egypt of in the Sinai.
After informing Old Damascus Antiquities Department, a committee to inspect the site and identify the archeological remains was sent, al-Thawra daily reported on Friday.
In the book, Les argues that the archeological remains of the great northern coalfield is of far greater significance than the remains of Roman and medieval times.
The site dates back to 28,000 years ago and it is the only open area in Iran where all archeological remains have remained intact," said the head of the Iranian team, Hamed Vahdatinasab.
Archeological remains unearthed following a devastating moor fire at Fylingdales are to go on display.
A confluence of event--Nurdame's encounter with Russians who try to steal her rug, the arrival of an anthropologist who is exploring the village's archeological remains, and the visit of her doctor, who secretly hopes to marry her--results in upheavals in her life that will lead her to an unimagined resolution.
Archeological remains dating back to the 16th century were found earlier this year during work on the extension and modernisation of the store.
Re-creations: Visualising Our Past looks at the art of reconstructing the past from the basis of archeological remains.
He added: "This is a novel way of incorporating existing archeological remains within a new prospect, which should help Coventry people realise something of their heritage."
It attaches theory to his twentieth-century oddities and provides some history as well to his overarching theme of "resemblance by contact" - from fossils and archeological remains, to the shroud of Turin and death masks, to Auguste Rodin's casts of body parts and Marcel Duchamp's Female Fig Leaf, 1950-51.