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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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Dr Sabah Jassim, in charge of the archeological mission, has stated that the Maliha site is considered a rich archeological site, in which various findings have been spotted dating to the late BC centuries and the early AD, adding that the scans will take place in two phases, of which the second will commence in the autumn this year.
Yusuf Ghazi ,adding that the two Halls of Archeological Parade in Khartoum and Warsaw were established coincidently in July 1972In the same context, the Polish Expert and the Member of the Team of( FARAS fossils) Boghdan Zerwisky said the work also included photographing the discovered archaeologies and the archeological areas where the Mission has been working, pointing out to the archeological areas as a center of archeological works in (Al-Zooma) area.
Police said they searched the shop and house, found and seized the archeological pieces, and arrested the home's owner.
Michael Russo and Virginia Horak, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Southeast Archeological Center, National Park Service, June 2000, http://www.
Projects in landmarked areas or projects that require thorough environmental reviews, such as the MTA's 2nd Avenue Subway line currently in the pipeline, may require archeological oversight.
Although up to 100,000 new infections may occur annually (2), reported point source outbreaks are infrequent and have followed diverse soil-disrupting activities or events, such as archeological or anthropological digs (3-5), military maneuvers (6), play involving throwing dirt (7), construction work (8), earthquakes (9), dust storms (10,11), model airplane flying competitions (12), and armadillo hunting (13).
The prince will visit an archeological excavation site being dug by the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan, of which his father, Prince Mikasa, is president, Imperial Household Agency officials said.
And it fails in its alleged purpose, which is to ensure an orderly structure for archeological activity.
Aside from its research and excavation activities, the society also keeps an eye on environmental impact reports for developments that could threaten archeological sites throughout Ventura County.
Because the men had crossed state lines with their bounty, they faced felony charges stemming from the interstate commerce provision of the Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA), a federal law.
Information about the 'grey literature' is now becoming accessible through the National Archeological Database, which is supported by the National Park Service and the University of Arkansas; the database currently has more than 100,000 records of archaeological investigations (Canouts 1992).
Odyssey announced it has completed archeological and environmental survey operations it believes fulfill the requirements of Phase 1A, and a substantial portion of Phase 1B, which includes gathering archaeological evidence to identify the site believed to be HMS Sussex.
Saglasno opinion obtained from the Ministry of Culture, archeological excavations to search for archaeological sites have to be done within the scope of proekta" Preparation Facility railway projects on trans ":" Modernization of the railway line Sofia -Dragoman %.
Damascus Countryside, SANA- An archeological wooden door dating back to 1700 years ago was restored to the church of Mar Serkis and Bacchus convent in Ma'aloula city in Damascus countryside after being stolen by armed terrorist organizations.
Summary: SHARJAH - A number of geophysical scan operations has been carried out by the Archeology administration of the Department of Information in cooperation with a team of German Specialists at the Maliha Archeological site, using a number of special radar equipment to analyse archeological levels from different depths.