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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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The Minister was of the view that this is only a start of the archeological development of the province by this knowledge-based training workshop with the experts here from Italy and there is more to come.
The Office of His Majesty the Sultan's Advisor for Cultural Affairs is making endeavors to develop several archeological sites and provide them with necessary services to promote cultural and archeological tourism in Dhofar.
The office is making endeavors to develop several archeological sites and provide them with necessary services to promote cultural and archeological tourism in Dhofar.
In statements after the meeting, Khalil denounced all terrorist attacks on any archeological site, stressing that the UNESCO should exert more efforts to protect the Syrian archeological sites by exerting pressure on international organizations and sides to comply with the Security Council's resolutions on banning trade in Syrian archeological artifacts.
Dr Abdul Samad highlighted that the conference was aimed at to discuss and share latest discoveries at various rich archeological regions in KP.
These operations, documented and studied by a computer, allows to define the levels on which buildings and other buried archeological structures lay.
Yusuf Ghazi ,adding that the two Halls of Archeological Parade in Khartoum and Warsaw were established coincidently in July 1972In the same context, the Polish Expert and the Member of the Team of( FARAS fossils) Boghdan Zerwisky said the work also included photographing the discovered archaeologies and the archeological areas where the Mission has been working, pointing out to the archeological areas as a center of archeological works in (Al-Zooma) area.
Police said they searched the shop and house, found and seized the archeological pieces, and arrested the home's owner.
Facilities that curate archaeological collections in accordance with the State of California's "Guidelines for the Curation of Archeological Collections" routinely charge $1,000 per each cubic foot (a bankers' box worth) of materials.
The reader is also presented with an erudite discussion of the diverse ways in which archaeologists should approach obsidian research and a thorough survey of archeological obsidian studies that has methodological and theoretical applications for any archaeological dig anywhere in the world.
In 2001, an outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred among persons working at a Native American archeological site at Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah.
Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, a nephew of the late Emperor Hirohito, left Tuesday for Turkey to observe archeological sites in the country.
In research chronicled in the April 22 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, Holden compares the evolutionary scenarios suggested by her language trees with published archeological scenarios for the spread of farming in Africa from 5,000 to 1,500 years ago.
Through the replacement of the Northwest Territories Act by the Nunavut Act in the new Nunavut territory, the Government of Nunavut (GN) assumed legal responsibility for the territory's archeological resources, at the time numbering in excess of 6,000 documented sites.
Archeological finds, we're constantly advised, must be left to experts.