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Synonyms for archegoniate

of or relating to an archegonium


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One question, left unanswered by Hofmeister, was how the alternation of generations of the 'higher cryptogams' or archegoniates related to the life histories of 'lower cryptogams' or thallophytes.
Bower (1890) viewed the alternation of generations of archegoniates as arising from the adaptation of an initially aquatic organism for the land.
In support of his theory, Bower disputed the hitherto generally accepted homology between the zoospores of thallophytes and the spores of archegoniates.
In an obituary of Pringsheim, Scott (1895) championed Pringsheim's opinion that the free-living sexual and asexual forms of thallophytes were homologous, and that their alternation was the phylogenetic precursor to the alternation of gametophytic and sporophytic generations in archegoniates.
Spores develop free, in direct contact with soil, water and light, whereas the fertilized eggs of archegoniates develop enclosed within cells of the preceding sexual generation.