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Synonyms for archegonial

of or relating to an archegonium


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As a consequence of the precocious sexual maturation (fertilization) of the female gametophyte of Gnetum, prior to the transition to cellular organization, archegonial initiation is precluded, and this results in the loss of egg cells, a phenomenon unparalleled among land plants (except for Welwitschia; see Martens and Waterkeyn 1973).
Role of archegonial neck cells of Zamia and other cycads.
These cells surrounding the enlarging zygote (see the discussion of "spermocarp" in Smith, 1950) may develop invaginations indicative of nutrient transfer, as in the archegonial venter cells of lower embryophytes (cf.
A factor complicating the maintenance of embryonic lethals in conifers is archegonial polyembryony, the competition of genetically different embryos within an ovule before seed formation.