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a wife or widow of an archduke or a princess of the former ruling house of Austria

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Yet from their birth all the children were either Archdukes or Archduchesses.
Key historical personalities touched on will include Emperor Maximilian, Emperor Charles V, King Philip II of Spain, and the two Governors of the Netherlands, the Archduchesses Margaret and Maria of Austria.
In her The Austrian Court from Within (1916) she gives a head count of the Hapsburgs: thirty-one archdukes and fifty archduchesses.
Perhaps this explains why the former "Princesses of Portugal, who were now queens or queen dowagers of foreign countries, Archduchesses, or Electresses" used to go to the convent "on a pilgrimage which was by nature both sacred and secretly gay" (Dinesen 195: 103).
24) The two librettos also had to suit particular performance constraints: decorum forbade the archduchesses to wear male garb of the Greek and Roman kind, with short skirts and naked legs.