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a sovereign prince of the former ruling house of Austria

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to prevent challengers to archducal power from taking over power in the county.
From the turn of the century Kessler attempted to bring about his own aesthetic revolution from his home in Weimar, where he acted for a while as director of the Archducal Museum of Arts and Crafts, and in this process repeatedly effected introductions between Craig and leading theatre figures of the day, amongst them Otto Brahm, Max Reinhardt, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and Diaghilev.
They loved food and gardens, created an archducal aviary, and enjoyed hunting, issuing an edict which restricted the pursuit of `noble game', like deer, to the elite.
Modern visitors to Cheanbery, the old capital of Savoy, won't find Marlborough's fellow captain Prince Eugene in the archducal chateau.
Friedrich Cerha speculates, in his edition of three of Pandolfi's sonatas (Doblinger, Diletto musicale 414, 1990), that he joined the archducal household of Ferdinand Charles and his wife Anna de Medici (the dedicate of op.