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According to Seattle's KING 5 News, an estimated 100 persons attended a meeting at Holy Rosary School in West Seattle the evening of March 16 to learn more about the security breach from archdiocesan and IRS officials.
Peter a week later, citing "apparent lack of good judgment and common sense" as cause for "a do-over with our archdiocesan leadership.
Financial statements released by the archdiocese March 14 for fiscal 2013 reveal increased financial stability for several significant archdiocesan ministries.
Information on our policy and practices -- along with additional resource material -- is posted on the archdiocesan web site: http://www.
Archdiocesan education chiefs propose to close the school and transfer pupils to St Bridget's primary at Cinnamon Brow, several miles away.
and Sunshine Construction; Archdiocesan Housing Authority, Environmental Works, Beacon Development Group, and Marpac Construction for Katherine's Place, with 26 units of affordable housing; and Seattle Housing Authority, Mithun, SvR Design Company and Nakano Associations for High Point Redevelopment Phase I, which will feature 1049 affordable and market rate housing units.
Despite mumprongea, ongoing investigations by the Seattle archdiocese, the FBI, the IRS and a forensics security firm, there are still no clear answers on the source or method for how parish, school and archdiocesan employees' and volunteers' personal information was stolen and used in a fraudulent tax return scheme.
Anderson says that soon thereafter, an archdiocesan priest "invaded the privacy of this family by directly contacting these victims' parents who had previously not been informed of the abuse.
His archdiocesan officials insisted that the clerical aspect of the scandals was a thing of the past.
This decision] infringes on the archdiocese's and parishioners' rights to the free exercise of religion," said archdiocesan attorney Howard Levine.
It doesn't help that Mahony is unwilling to share archdiocesan personnel records with the District Attorney's Office.
Where: At the law office of Marc Pearlman, 70 West Madison (Suite 5350), in downtown Chicago Who: Two attorneys who have represented hundreds of adults who were molested as kids by religious authority figures and who deposed top archdiocesan officials Why: Six child sex abuse and cover up cases against the Chicago Catholic archdiocese have been settled involving four priests
Though the contents of the discussion remain confidential, VOTF spokeswoman Dorothy Kennedy described it as a "good meeting," and archdiocesan spokesman Terrence C.
Michael Miller, CSB has continued the Roussin policy and at a meeting with Redeemer Pacific governors on September 24, 2009 he stated categorically, "It is Archdiocesan policy that there will be no Archdiocesan funding for the Catholic college at Trinity Western University but only funding for the Catholic colleges at the University of B.
Father Troy was active in the Aboriginal community and is credited with founding the first Edmonton Archdiocesan Native Ministry.