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the territorial jurisdiction of an archdeacon

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Edwards said walking the archdeaconries gives him a much more "holistic" sense of what the parishes in his diocese are really like.
This is the manifesto that he will take with him to his new job as Archdeacon of Lindisfarne - a job which sees the boundaries of his territory expanded as part of the reorganisation of the two Newcastle archdeaconries.
For their part the clergy, including a delegation from Exeter cathedral and the diocese's archdeaconries, behaved predictably at Convocation in September 1689 and refused to grant any comprehension to Nonconformists in the Church of England.
Lord Leigh presided yesterday at the Masonic Lodge, Leamington, at a meeting on behalf of the Ordination Candidate Fund for the Archdeaconries of Coventry and Worcester.
They reorganised Wales into dioceses and archdeaconries on the European model.