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(Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishop

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Protesters blighted by Government plans to expand airport capacity in the Midlands must want air travel to be curtailed or wish the blight on others, the Archdeacon of Aston claimed yesterday.
He said: "What I look forward to most as Archdeacon is to work with the parishes and find new ways of being church.
Archdeacon Linnie said: "Every time Drumcree comes on the air you see in the background one of our churches and it has become in many peoples minds a symbol of violence and bitterness.
Archdeacon was told he must give up the game - or risk facing serious disability in later life.
Archdeacon said that Gemini Technology has been working with Hitachi for the past year, and looks forward to introducing SPHERIX to joint customers of the two companies.
Why did she think the Bishop had asked her to become Archdeacon of Wrexham?
The promise was made by the archdeacon of Liverpool to campaigners behind the now bulldozed Bankfield House.
The Venerable Meurig Llwyd Williams, Archdeacon of Bangor, resigned after agreeing to publish a sketch which has forced the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, to apologise to Muslim leaders.
A FUNERAL service will be held this weekend for the Venerable Wynford Rees, the former Archdeacon of Brecon who died last week aged 81.
A long-serving former Archdeacon of Northumberland has died at the age of 88.
Archdeacon John C Williams, who has died aged 90, will be remembered for the resonance of his deep voice, zest for life and passion for poultry-keeping.
The Archdeacon of Coventry, Venerable Ian Russell, aged 65, will retire after 11 years in the city and 40 years as an ordained minister of the Church of England.
VETERAN full-back Owen Archdeacon was an unlikely hero as Morton grabbed an important opening-day win in a six-goal thriller at Brockville.
Owen Archdeacon reckons Jim Duffy struck one of the deals of the season when he snapped up Andy Walker on loan.
Archdeacon Robert Dann recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of his ordination at St.