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the territorial jurisdiction of an archbishop

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The Archbishopric Square, Korais Street, Constantinos Paleologos Avenue, Stasinos Avenue -- from the junction with Boumpoulina Street until Eleftheria Square, Byron Avenue, Michalakis Karaolis Street and Evagoras Avenue.
In November 2004, the State Commission on Relations with the Religious Communities denied the Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid's application to be registered as a religious group.
This is why Jovan Vranisovski's activities were seen as encroaching in Macedonia, all the more that an Ohrid Archbishopric is not a registered religious entity in the country.
Had he been successful, the Welsh church would have been liberated from the allegiance which, in this period, it owed to the archbishopric of Canterbury in England.
We condemn such an attack on priest Abdullah Skaff outside the Greek Catholic Archbishopric in Tripoli," the church said in a statement.
A priest with the "Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid" reported that he was beaten because of his beliefs and that his home, where he performed liturgies, was vandalized in July 2005.
Contract notice: Realization of the museum of the historial joan of arc to the archbishopric of rouen.
The bishops of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric are going to define more closely the ways of using the social networking site Facebook.
Prime Ministers Gruevski and Dacic emphasized that there were no major pending bilateral issues, except for the dispute between the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric and the Serbian Orthodox Church.
On February 10, 2005, one of Pope John Paul's last acts was to elevate India's Syro-Malankara Church to the status of a Major Archbishopric, becoming the third Eastern-rite Church to receive this designation.
But it seems clear he was allowed a certain amount of time to reflect on his future before formulating a dignified if inevitable end to his archbishopric.
The doctrinal results of the Bahian sessions are known as the Constituicoens primeyras and not only served to govern the archbishopric of Bahia but would be adopted in other parts of the colony.
Notwithstanding, MacCulloch does not approve of Cranmer's more ignominious actions, numbering among these his acceptance of the archbishopric and his part in the annulment of Henry's marriages to Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn.
The people mourn for their lost leader: Greek Cypriots in shock after Archbishop Makarios dies in his room at the archbishopric after a severe heart attack.