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a bishop of highest rank

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He said: "Please pray for Archbishop Tartaglia's health as he undergoes tests following a heart attack.
Archbishop Dominique Mamberti (France), Archbishop Francesco Montenegro (Italy), Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez Perez (Spain), Archbishop Edoardo Menichelli (Italy), Archbishop Manuel Jose Macario do Nascimento Clemente (Portugal), Archbishop Daniel Fernando Sturla Berhouet (Uruguay), Archbishop Alberto Suarez Inda (Mexico), Bishop Jose Luis Lacunza Maestrojuan (Panama), Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado (Cape Verde), Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel (Ethiopia), Archbishop Charles Maung Bo (Myanmar), Archbishop John Atcherley Dew (New Zealand), Archbishop Francis Xavier Kriengsak Kovithavanij (Thailand), Bishop Soane Patita Paini Mafi (Tonga) and Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Nhon (Hanoi).
After a procession, Bishop Thomas Williams, Archdiocese Apostolic Administrator, will greet Archbishop McMahon at the Cathedral's main door as a fanfare is sounded.
Archbishop Williams' correspondence was a response to a letter Archbishop Hiltz wrote, dated Jan.
The morally dubious behavior of cathedral and collegiate canons served as a frequent source of irritation for Archbishop Hovius.
This year I will complete half of my anticipated term of service as the Archbishop of Los Angeles,'' Mahony said.
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, 67, archbishop of Milan, does not stand a chance in this company -- although he was at the top of the list of European bishops in the election for the synod council.
He will succeed Archbishop Patrick Kelly - now Archbishop Emeritus - who retired last year.
His feeling was that in Canada the process was coherent, judicious and cautious," said Archbishop Hiltz in an interview.
At the very last moment Pope Benedict, who had not known about the spying charges when he appointed Wielgus as archbishop on December 6, stepped in and asked him to admit his error and resign his prospective post, realizing he would be a countersign to his country and to his Church for the remainder of his life.
Although the new archbishop of the United States, who turns 52 Tuesday, was born in Warren, Ohio, and graduated from high school in Tarpon Springs, Fla.
It is believed the Archbishop was at home when he was taken ill yesterday morning.
Of course these people could have been married in a civil ceremony, or by a minister of another denomination, but these are prominent people, and nothing less than an archbishop will suffice.
The archbishop blamed a combination of family breakup and parents' excessive reliance on props such as computers and television, effectively allowing youngsters to get lonely and lost in their own worlds.
It is fine that Archbishop Finlay could bless this marriage; unfortunately he should not have tried to do it in God's name.