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Synonyms for archangelic

of or relating to or resembling archangels

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159) The spying apparatus that employs the archangelic metaphor we saw above is only an extreme instantiation of this world division into the looking down 'angels' and the observed 'recipients' of their possible benevolence or 'just' retribution.
A sky-hawk that tauntingly had followed the main-truck downwards from its natural home among the stars, pecking at the flag, and incommoding Tashtego there; this bird now chanced to intercept its broad fluttering wing between the hammer and the wood; and simultaneously feeling that ethereal thrill, the submerged savage beneath, in his death-gasp, kept his hammer frozen there; and so the bird of heaven, with archangelic shrieks, and his imperial beak thrust upwards, and his whole captive form folded in the flag of Ahab, went down with his ship, which, like Satan, would not sink to hell till she had dragged a living part of heaven along with her, and helmeted herself with it.
Both the transcendence involved in the transmissions and the beacon metaphor suggest that Saleem's voices, despite their mundane nature, have managed to preserve the semi-religious transcendence characteristic of Archangelic utterances.
For, thought Ahab, while even the highest earthly felicities ever have a certain unsignifying pettiness lurking in them, but, at bottom, all heartwoes, a mystic significance, and, in some men, an archangelic grandeur; so do their diligent tracings-out not belie the obvious deduction.
In the same way, Satan reduces his own formerly archangelic spirit by debasing and commingling it with brutish matter.
The sessions on the accompanying CD are Guided Visualization to the Cave of Baume (11:45), The Holy Gnostic Rosary (31:37), Union with the Holy Bride (13:00), Magdalene as Grail Guardian and Queen of Shadows Meditation (9:47), and Prayer of Archangelic Protection (0:52).
Moreover, within the created order itself, the archangelic and angelic worlds are of such immensity that the visible and physical world pales into insignificance before them.
54) For instance, the attribute of "sovereignty" is expressed in the archangelic and angelic realms in the form of beings whom Baha'u'llah refers to as the "monarchs of the realms of the Kingdom.
Not that even archangelic covering fire will be of much use to front-line Catholics whom no one has taught to identify the sound it makes.