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give an archaic appearance of character to


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Such archaizing or poeticizing appears throughout Millay's work, whose diction to the end is barely if at all different from, say Tennyson's.
Here we sense a slight disjointedness between Bailey's desire to see Baroque-like elements in early Jesuit art while at the same time accepting that the art is resolutely not Baroque, as in the manner of the works of Caravaggio or Annibale Carracci, and even accepting at certain points that the Jesuit painting is iconizing and archaizing.
Caution should be exercised due to the archaizing tendency of the Byzantines; thus, the tendency to preserve texts intact may simply mean that the female diaconate was indeed widespread in the early Byzantine period but may not necessarily indicate that this was still the case at the time the euchologia were written.
I should emphasize again that there are no archaizing spellings in D.
The evolution of a "house style" of hybrid archaizing script designed to recall that of 12th- and 13th-century Canterbury codices corresponds to a contemporary interest in Canterbury traditions and antiquities.
In the Muslim universe, the thirteenth-century Cairene Ibn al-Farid, that most celebrated of Arab Sufi poets, composed a number of amorous odes to Layla in the formulaic, archaizing bedouin style, in which the lost wayfarer describes his single-minded errancy in the desert, as he quests for the encampment of his beloved.
Finally, there may have been deliberate archaizing of the script since archaic sign forms also have a symbolic value of their own to later generations.
The deceptive size derives partly from Paranjape's ambition to re-canonize the discredited, archaizing colonial lineup of those often short-lived Indian poets who vied for equality within the British canon before Independence, from Henry Derozio (1809-31) to Sarojini Naidu (1879-1949).
The deliberate and prolonged archaizing of the Cuzco mestizo school had a two-fold effect.
2) with an Anatolian workshop based on the similarity between the goddess' archaizing curls and those of several female heads from the Mausoleum in Halikarnassos (fourth century B.
These formal studies come off as archaizing, with their grain and filaments, not to mention procedures that languidly recall structural film.
Francesco di Giorgio worked in an archaizing style.
Both the poetry and the unsigned prose pronouncements of the Blatter elicited widespread emulation: the archaizing diction, the unorthodox spelling and punctuation, even the Master's ornamental handwriting were reverently adopted.
Its use was confined predominantly to writings in solemn or archaizing style, especially sermons and Puritan poetry.