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give an archaic appearance of character to


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It was Kostrov's translation, using archaized Russian, which was an exceptionally suitable inspiration for the forgers to create the illusion of an ancient Czech language.
In the space between the two heads, the lumpiness of the material evokes the mountains we have seen so often in Cucchi's paintings, an almost fairy-tale world where characters of dual nature wander about in archaized landscapes.
This main story is one thick thread among many colorful others, including stories about British land ownership, class structure, tribal politics, and the settling of Virginia, all interwoven with purposeful though sometimes meandering digressions and expressed in a dense archaized grammar.
If Homer systematically archaized weapons, why not tools as well?
2) My hypothesis is that the "*Artaxsahr who is called Vahuman," and the spelling of whose name is curiously archaized, is the Artaxerxes II surnamed Mnemon (Vahuman).