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The building, with an archaistic interior and steel-concrete frame (state-of-the-art in its time), is placed on another concrete foundation above the disused Antonin mine.
By 1934, readers would have recognized in Simon and his friends a somewhat archaistic role-playing similar to that of Tony Last in Waugh's A Handful of Dust published in the same year.
In an influential article, Eric Stanley (1969) drew attention to the archaic, and possibly archaistic, spellings of La3amon, which survive in the Caligula version.
Its impulses were both futurist (rushing forward to build a new communicative system once oppressive "reason" had finally been destroyed) and archaistic (looking to the past to retrieve the long-forgotten or marginalized sound poetry of ancient chants, magic incantations, and orthodox, folkloric, and shamanistic rituals).
Among the topics are goddesses and gods in Minoan and Mycenaean iconography, an approach to archaistic images in the fifth century BCE, the use of attributes in ancient Greek imagery, Arcadian cult images between religion and politics, images of Roman emperors in Greek temples, the dedication of cult statues at the altar as a Roman pictorial formula for introducing new cults, and Greek images of gods in the public spaces of Constantinople.