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When we list all of the syntactic features which could be taken as evidence of the linguistic archaism of AEthelberht (excluding the nominativus pendens), it becomes clear that such features may be accounted for more plausibly if we assume the influence of Merovingian Latin legal codes.
Perhaps this implied archaism is amplified by his titles (Pyre and Plain, after all, could be Homeric); the artist has even identified his work with "neolithic experience." But Andre's debt to high modernism has always been open and obvious: to the materialism and repetition evinced in Constantin Brancusi's sculpture, for example, or to Russian Construetivist faktura, or, in Andre's poems, to the plasticity of language in the writing of Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound.
Archaism and innovation; studies in the culture of Middle Kingdom Egypt.
In the sculptures, Modigliani is arguably at his most radical in terms of primitivism, archaism, and reductive strategy (Fig.
Mediaevalitas is of course a modern archaism, there being no
Bryant also describes Ho's years in the Chinese civil service, historical issues of the time, Ho's role as an advocate of Archaism, and many of his contemporaries.
Upon entering the ICA, one was confronted with Kapoor's large-scale, highly mirrored S-Curve, 2006, installed at an angle through the length of the gallery--a Richard Serra cured of its rusting archaism by fabrication in polished stainless steel.
Riggs, "Archaism and Artistic Sources in Roman Egypt: The Coffins of the Soter Family and the Temple of Deir el-Medina," BIFAO 106 [2006]: 315-32.) The concept of the threshold to the afterlife is present in the portal-shaped ends of the Soter Group coffins and the traditional image of the goddess Nut in the interiors is now clothed in contemporary costume and jewelry.
The juxtaposition of the archaic and the ultra-modern produce a disagreeable clash that falsifies the conscious archaism of the poem itself.
New Zealand habits of language are strongly meiotic, avoiding hyperbole, romanticism, rhetoric, the sustained "shout" of dispute, or archaism (though obviously Curnow uses any of these at need).
This is in fact supported by the detailed study of negation by Yoko Iyeiri, who shows that Laghamon's practice generally agrees with thirteenth-century usage, and that occasional divergences owe more to a sense of alliterative style than to any attempted archaism. By way of contrast, Marshall Grant and Douglas Moffat, in a joint study of the verbal prefix to-, show that here Laghamon's usage was evidently archaistic, part of his method of evoking the Anglo-Saxon past.
Hesbert in the 1930s emphasized the archaism and authority of the traditions.
In another case, she notes that a future sdm.ty.fy participle exhibits gemination as it would in an Old Kingdom decree, and she suggests that this archaism "probably adds the magical touch of an age-old formula pertaining to a mythical time" (p.
In the show the neoclassical, feminized elegance of the Novecento style, a movement that peaked in the mid-'30s, is represented by slender furniture and porcelain urns and vases designed by Giovanni Muzio and Gio Ponti as well as the ominous muscular archaism of the painter/sculptor/designer Mario Sironi.
In two pieces in Venice this archival gaze was turned on two moments within European modernity already touched with archaism: In a large installation William Kentridge looked back to one origin of cinema in Georges Melies and created, in homage, his own fantastic Journey to the Moon, while in a discreet film Tacita Dean meditated on the stranded status of the Palast der Republik, the old seat of the GDR government in Berlin, which is scheduled for demolition.