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Not the expression of a simple nostalgia, literary archaism in the early modern, "like the timeworn object, .
One of the book's notable strengths is its focus on the easily overlooked effects of linguistic change, particularly in its attentiveness to the ways that English Renaissance audiences might have understood and evaluated archaism.
This also distinguishes archaism from simpler forms of nostalgia, as Munro demonstrates over six chapters.
Maddin's archaism recalls Diana Brydon's argument that postmodern devices can serve postcolonial ends when affirming the "cultural contamination" created in the process of settlers becoming indigenous.
Archaisms may be defined as linguistic forms that used to be common but then went out of fashion.
3]: jarulekszazalek (1907) archaism jarulekkulcs (contribution rate) (1927, 1928) term of general use
some of the mix of archaism and experimentation enjoyed by
Albright conjectures that when Latin speakers heard an archaism like [hono:s], it may have struck them as moderately grammatical, allowing [-o:s] forms to persist as an archaism much longer than some other archaic features.
For example, although Ford Madox Browns treatment of religious subject-matter 'combined archaism and realism in ways similar to the Pre Raphaelite aesthetic' his relationship to the Brotherhood itself 'remained at once deliberately marginal and marginalized' (p.
Ten years had passed since the last person had been executed in the state and although the punishment remained on the statute books, it was considered an archaism - until Gilmore revived it.
In addition to an interesting discussion of the concept of norms in translation, it answers some outstanding questions from the preceding volume by demonstrating how the spread of historicism in the nineteenth century led translators to ask themselves how far they felt a need to preserve a sense of otherness in their translations, whether by keeping foreign verse forms or by the use of non-standard diction such as archaism.
Cunning composition; rapid motion; quick deft draughtsmanship; strong and peculiar stylisation; a deliberate archaism, retaining old forms, but refining, refreshing, and galvanizing them; nothing noble or majestic, but grace, humour, vivacity, originality, and dramatic force: these are the qualities which mark the Boston krater, and which characterize the anonymous artist who, for the sake of convenience, may be called the "master of the Boston Pan-vase," or, more briefly, "the Pan-master.
It's possible that some day in the distant future it will be an amusing archaism.
They ruled that to suggest the making of the Order in Council was "the act of the sovereign, savours of the archaism of past centuries".
What care must be taken that cultural incarnation does not develop into an archaism which further increases the lack of faith's contemporaneity with the technical world?