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A decade had passed since the last person had been executed in the state and although that punishment remained on the statute books, it was considered an archaicism until Gilmore insisted it be revived for him.
This is one of the first of Macon's electronic recordings--it's pronounced Mason--and he works with the false archaicism of the medium, bearing the rough scrape of shellac into his voice and the sound of his banjo.
Bridges loved slightly stilted diction and archaicisms such as "ye.
Thankfully, Simpson has not tried to smooth over Villon's violence of tongue or camouflage it beneath archaicisms, as, say, Rossetti tended to do; nor has he exaggerated the poet's already quite uproarious bawdiness, as Swinburne did.
Still, the problems with Arberry's translation, as with those by other translators, lie in the musty archaicisms of his language.