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extinct primitive toothed bird of the Jurassic period having a long feathered tail and hollow bones

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After scanning Archaeopteryx fossils in a particle accelerator known as a synchrotron, researchers found its wing bones matched modern birds that flap their wings to fly short distances or in bursts.
This, too, was where the most recent Archaeopteryx fossil was found in 2010 - exceptionally well preserved remains, although not quite as detailed as the 1874 Berlin specimen, so detailed the rock even contained impressions of its plumage.
Christian Foth, investigador del Bayerlsche Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und Geologie de Munich (Alemania) y dos colaboradores han sido los cientificos que han localizado y descrito el nuevo ejemplar de Archaeopteryx prestando una atencion especial a las capacidades funcionales que le habria proporcionado su plumaje y entrando en la cuestion de como habrian evolucionado las plumas penaceas habida cuenta de que los dinosaurios teropodos chinos, anteriores a los ejemplares europeos, tambien cuentan con ellas.
This discovery sheds further doubt on the theory that the famous fossil Archaeopteryx -- or 'first bird' as it is sometimes referred to -- was pivotal in the evolution of modern birds," coauthor and University of Southampton researcher Gareth Dyke said in a statement in January.
Estimated to have lived approximately 150 million years ago, Archaeopteryx had traits that seemed intermediate between birds and reptiles.
ARCHAEOPTERYX FOSSIL The remains of the earliest known bird which is 47 million years old.
Archaeopteryx 1860, and recent Chinese fossils), artiodactyls-cetaceans, and hominins (Coyne, 2009) Page 480: "Nature may be said to Even today there is resistance to have taken pains to reveal .
Although flapping wings almost doubled DASH's running speed, that probably wouldn't have been fast enough to get a creature like Archaeopteryx off the ground and into free flight.
He escapes and meets Ewingerale, Stormac, and Fleydur, who help him in his mission to save the world of the birds from the rule of the archaeopteryx.
In the process, Tumarkin-Deratzian deftly demolishes four kinds of arguments that anti-evolutionists employ to "contest the relationship of Archaeopteryx and the feathered dinosaurs to the evolution of birds.
At this past Munich Show (2009) visitors were given a real treat; they were able to see seven of the ten known fossils of the famous archaeopteryx, the "first bird," plus many wonderful dinosaur skeletons, all originals--no casts
I was not exactly upset at being woken earlier but the birds' behaviour seemed odd and I thought that probably Aves (birds) - the ancestors of Archaeopteryx lithographical from the Tithonian stage of the Late Jurassic age some 150-145 million years ago - too are going cuckoo like us human beings.
2009) and the avian Archaeopteryx from the Tithonian of Europe (Meyer, 1861), indicate that critical phases in theropod diversification, body size evolution, and the acquisition of avian biological traits took place in the Middle Jurassic.
The spread about archaeopteryx is the culmination, near the end of the book, of about a dozen spreads that depict a host of dinosaurs.
The museum has a fossil specimen of 195 million years old bird called Archaeopteryx.