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an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture

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There Klejn considers the basic interpretations of culture by the New Archaeologists, dwells in detail on the culture interpretation prevalent in Soviet archaeology and gives his own view of this subject.
Ben Creaton, aged nine, joined archaeologists from Birmingham Archaeology on-site at New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon - the last home of William Shakespeare.
Archaeologist Eilat Mazar said pottery shards found at the site dated the walls to the 10th century BC - that's 3000 years ago, when the Bible says Jerusalem was ruled by King Solomon.
Salaries can range from $30,000 for an entry-level archaeologist to $80,000 for an archaeologist who is a university professor.
I can only judge the findings once I have read the full report, but from what has been published so far I am not convinced that there is any evidence pointing to the fact that the cave was used for Christian worship in the first century or that there is any connection between the later church above and the cave below," said Israeli archaeologist Boaz Zissu of Bar-Ilan University.
Stiner, both archaeologists at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
The jackpot of information is especially exciting for archaeologists because our ancestors were going through a lot of changes at the time.
Our historical research is so fruitful -- the ample burial records, the historical maps,'' said Strauss, who's worked as an archaeologist for 10 years.
Archaeologists will use some of the balloons at this weekend's Llangollen Balloon Festival to help spot new sites from the air.
They began portraying dealers and collectors as greedy plunderers running what one archaeologist called a "vast international network" to loot countries in Central America, Europe, Egypt, and the Middle East.
Many of the papers by Indigenous archaeologists discuss quite frankly and personally what it means to be both an Indigenous person and an archaeologist, while other papers coauthored by non-Indigenous archaeologists and Indigenous people tackle issues of similarities and differences in ways of knowing the past.
PeruRail, which operates rail routes to several tourist attractions, has launched a luxury train service named after the explorer and archaeologist who made his way to the Inca ruins in 1911.
Iain Soden, planning archaeologist for Coventry City Council, admits they are not certain what will be found.
At the site, the archeologists found several pits into which the pillars for two buildings were likely placed, the archaeologist said.
Under the title of "Mnemosyne," 1991, the artists presented the archives of a fictional archaeologist and the designs of an imaginary architect.