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considered ancient life forms that evolved separately from bacteria and blue-green algae

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Mutational analysis of an archaebacterial promoter: essential role of a TATA box for transcription efficiency and start-site selection in vitro.
Koga and his colleagues examined the genetic makeup of the key enzyme--(G-1-P) dehydrogenase--responsible for the formation of archaebacterial lipids.
Eubacterial, archaebacterial, and eucaryotic genes that encode leaderless mRNA.
2) The karyomastigont organellar system (a chromosome-containing membrane-bounded nucleus with a proteinaceous connector that attaches to the centriole-kinetosomes at the base of the undulipodia) evolved in response to selection pressures that tended to separate attached spirochetes (eubacteria that became undulipodia) from their sulfidogenic archaebacterial partners (the rest of the cytoplasm).
Under our hypothesis, the cytoskeleton results, like many other features, from the genetic complexity conferred by the forced integration of eubacterial genes into archaebacterial chromosomes," he says.