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of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon


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The main units (I-IV) of the SG-3 Archaean complex (6842-10144 m) are composed of gneisses (56%), the thickness of the units ranging from 0.
Marked differences in strength properties were found between samples from the Archaean Complex (lower part of the borehole) and samples of the same rocks from the Proterozoic Complex (upper part of the borehole).
In Tanzania, the Archaean greenstone belts near Lake Victoria have received particular attention by many junior companies.
The area of the license covers approximately 112 km2 of Archaean age metavolcanic lithologies comprising basalts, andesites and rhyolites.
Located about 360 km east of Perth in the Forrestania-Southern Cross Archaean greenstone belt, Bounty is a combined underground and open pit operation with a 750K mt/yr CIL plant.
Canada, in particular, has some of the world's largest areas of Archaean basement rocks which are partly overlain by extensive areas of 'platform' sediments - typical of the setting of all known economic diamondiferous kimberlites, regardless of their age of emplacement.
The area of the license covers Archaean age metavolcanic lithologies, including basalts, andesites and rhyolites.
It lies in a well-endowed gold region, the Eastern Goldfields granite-greenstone belt, close to major crustal structures, underlain by Archaean greenstone lithologies with late stage felsic intrusions.
This reflects the widespread distribution of highly prospective Archaean shield.
The Precambrian can be divided into three principal tectonic units: Archaean and Lower Proterozoic; Mid- to Upper-Proterozoic Terrains affected by orogenies, which form part of the southern extension of the Irumide Belt of Zambia and the Mozambique Belt; and the Pan-African cycle represented by the Katangan Orogeny.
The area of the license covers Archaean age metavolcanics and granites of the Nyanzian System within which historical records of gold production are known.
It is made up largely of Archaean gneisses and other granitoids, along with lesser metamorphosed, volcano-sedimentary rocks (greenstone belts).
With respect to geological structure and mineralization, gold deposits in China mainly occur in the old Archaean metamorphosed region with relatively developed regional tectonics and intruded by igneous rocks.
The License area is comprised primarily of Archaean age metavolcanics of the Nyanzian System.
The geological substratum of the West African countries is made up of Archaean crystalline rocks well known in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, and Liberia for their iron ore deposits.