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of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon


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Cassini detected formaldehyde on Enceladus, which can disrupt the life cycle of even the hardiest archaea.
Adair K, Schwartz E (2008) Evidence that ammonia-oxidizing archaea are more abundant than ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in soils along an elevation gradient in northern Arizona, USA.
Viruses that infect archaea and bacteria, for example, are not known to infect eukarya.
They found that Archaea (pronounced ar-KEY-uh) were most abundant in subjects younger than 12 and older than 60.
The researchers analyzed more than 500 microbial genomes out of a pool of 2,500 and found that the majority of a certain class of archaea, as well as a yet-to-be-characterized categories of organisms closely related to bacteria, appear to have DGRs.
Biological significance of a family of regularly spaced repeats in the genomes of Archaea, Bacteria and mitochondri.
In order to get a clear picture of what LUCA was like, the researchers examined over six million protein-coding genes found in the present-day bacteria and archaea.
Colonies of bacteria and archaea feeding off these chemicals became engulfed in the minerals in the fractured rock.
These data sources - and many others - were compiled to create the inventory in the IU study, which pulls together 20,376 sampling efforts on bacteria, archaea and microscopic fungi and 14,862 sampling efforts on communities of trees, birds and mammals.
elegans, social cell biology in microbe communities and Drosophila tumors, the Drosphila digestive tract, bacterial Mg2+ transport, SIR proteins, silent chromatin, prions, ciliary proteins, genetic techniques for archaea, nuclear control, and DNA repair.
Among the organisms targeted by GTI's qPCR testing are total bacteria, total archaea, sulfate-reducing bacteria, sulfate-reducing archaea, acid-producing bacteria (acetic and butyric acid producers), iron-oxidizing bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, and methanogens.
Paired primers LuF/LuR (amplify a 464 bp gene fragment) targeting specific to the mcrA gene of methanogenic archaea was designed as 5'-GGTGGTGTMGGATTCACACARTAYGCWACAGC-3' (forward); 5'-TTCATTGCRTAGTTWGGRTAGTT-3' (reverse).
About: Archaea Mobility Services Pvt Ltd / taxiGUIDE.
1990) system, prokaryotes are divided into two different domains, Archaea and Eubacteria, so kingdom Monera no longer exists in that form (Campbell & Reece, 2008).
Actinidic archaea has been described in human systems from our laboratory and function as cellular endosymbionts regulating multiple cellular functions.