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Synonyms for arcane

Synonyms for arcane

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requiring secret or mysterious knowledge

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Warhammer: Arcane Magic [c] 2015 Games Workshop Limited.
As for the arcane third-world issues, they do not yet seem to be a path toward glory for ambitious young case officers.
Their fulsome, arcane debates and idiosyncratic combativeness also can drive away reasonable people who come to movements because they want to pursue concrete political goals.
And soon Mitchell himself would be joined by Martha Swope, Herbert Migdoll, and the more arcane Max Waldman in New York City, and by Anthony Crickmay, Reg Wilson, and the eventually Anglo-American Roy Round in London.
Unfortunately, in most companies, this information is either imprisoned in arcane data base structures or randomly disseminated throughout the corporation via spreadsheets, PC data bases, and functional or departmental applications.
In the book, the argument tends to vanish in a muddle of extraneous information: page after page describing long-forgotten investigations into small-time scams; extended forays into policy disputes that now seem stale and arcane; narrative detours that lead nowhere.
In the arcane and microscopic world of quantum mechanics, electrons routinely vanish from one side of an energy barrier and reappear on the other.
English majors and history buffs will be drawn to this novel, though the language and manners may seem foreign to the modern reader and the political battles might seem arcane. Nonetheless, for lovers of British history and this era, this is an excellent reading of a Thackeray novel.
Waving his electronic spanner overhead, Sutherland Lyall examines the arcane mechanics of architectural websites
Many arcane texts and images, once difficult to obtain and prohibitively expensive, can now be downloaded free, making this material available to artists--or anyone--with special affection for esoterica.
In pursuit of this aim she has not only underlined his preoccupation with liberty of conscience, but has also shed new light upon the arcane combination of fideism and skepticism in the mind of the philosopher of Rotterdam.
If the Vatican had the courage to change its arcane rules and allow the pontiff to retire with dignity instead of carrying on until death, then the great Scottish spiritual leader would have been the perfect replacement.
Last Year, the Rent Stabilization Association led a united real estate industry in a battle to win the first real reforms of New York's arcane and arbitrary system of rent regulations in decades.
And "Defederalizing Transportation Funding," a forthcoming Reason Foundation study, points out that only 13 states gain money from the arcane formula that redistributes money from the Highway Trust Fund to the states.
Wald's approach to his sometimes arcane topics is always lucid and, considering his own vigorously held views, remarkably fair, rational, and unpolluted by sectarian venom.