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a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes

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Beyond being associated with such modernization, arc lights were used for indoor filming in the early days of the cinema, a coincidence that connects the arc light to acting and spectatorship.
INVESTIGATION Under arc lights, Christopher's body is exhumed from his final resting place FUN LOVING Christopher Rochester TORMENT Girlfriend Magie Jones, sister Liz Cummings, stepfather George Cummings and mum Pam Cummings
The participants include - model Shraddha Sharma, who grabbed headlines for her relationship with former Bigg Boss contestant Raja Chaudhary; former Miss Afghanistan Vida Samadzai, who was banned in the country for wearing a bikini; Nihita Biswas, wife of Bikini Killer Charles Sobhraj and actress-singer Raageshwari, who has bounced back to arc lights after battling serious health problems.
And he believes it will be an enormous waste if he never again leaves the studio arc lights behind to take a seat in the dugout.
As we have seen with Rooney, it is not easy to keep it all together in the arc lights of fame.
I recall it was very cold in winter, with very few hours of daylight so we worked under arc lights.
Later Kellogg cabinets combined 'incandescent' bulbs with arc lights emitting substantial UV wavelengths, or used arc lights exclusively.
I don't think the hours of darkness would present many problems as some work is already carried out during this time, with sections of track readily illuminated by arc lights.
Initially the system was used to power carbon-rod arc lights in the picture gallery but these were replaced in 1880 by incandescent lamps, which had been recently developed by Armstrong's friend, Sunderland-born Joseph Swan.
A The first illuminations were a relatively modest affair - just eight arc lights set up on the Prom - but they caused a sensation when they were switched on on September 19, 1879.
You couldn't strip to the waist even if you wanted to because of the radiation from the xenon lamps in the arc lights.
Last night forensic officers were working under arc lights examining the scene at Denham, Bucks.
When Danny Tidwell leapt towards the arc lights and hung in the air for a long, surreal moment, the gasps in the audience were audible.
Started in 1879, with just eight arc lights, the illuminations are expected to attract more than 8 million visitors to the resort before they are switched off on November 4.