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a large heterogeneous group of RNA viruses divisible into groups on the basis of the virions

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His research interests include the arbovirus ecology, evolutionary genetics of viral emergence, and arbovirus discovery.
Arbovirus infections in Sarawak, October 1968-February 1970 Tembusu and Sindbis virus isolations from mosquitoes.
Chandipura: a new arbovirus isolated in India from patients with febrile illness.
Transmission of an arbovirus by a member of the Family Cimicidae.
WNV infections in humans, birds, mosquitoes, and nonhuman mammals are reported to the CDC through ArboNET, an Internet-based arbovirus surveillance system that is managed by state health departments and the CDC.
Louis encephalitis, is an arbovirus similar to West Nile, and can produce similar symptoms.
Programs at the Center for Vector-Borne Diseases is now headed by an international expert on the biology of vectors, where they are researching arbovirus and animal health, as well as mosquito biology in relation to surveillance and control in California.
Arbovirus Infections, Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, Rabies and Rubella.
Annual funding for WNV and other arbovirus surveillance distributed through the ELC cooperative agreements has steadily decreased since 2006 to 39% of its 2004 zenith, reaching lows of $9.
Persistent infection ensures that mosquitoes remain infectious and if piRNAs control this process, they could play a key part in regulating subsequent arbovirus transmission to humans.
This led us to conclude that there may be arbovirus cases in this region, unfortunately, we lack the diagnostic facilities and the right tools to confirm the actual number of cases," she added.
DEN, considered as the most important human arbovirus, have increased in incidence by 30-fold in the last decade with an estimated 50-100 million annual cases (10,11).
Between 2005 and 2010, 1,697 laboratory-positive cases were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's arbovirus surveillance system (ArboNET) and to the CDC dengue branch, for an annual average of 285 cases.