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Synonyms for arbor

tree (as opposed to shrub)

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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

a framework that supports climbing plants

References in classic literature ?
Out of one window I can see the garden, those mysterious deepshaded arbors, the riotous old-fashioned flowers, and bushes and gnarly trees.
I always fancy I see people walking in these numerous paths and arbors, but John has cautioned me not to give way to fancy in the least.
He used to thrust his head softly out of the arbor to see them the better; all the while, too, motioning Phoebe to be quiet, and snatching glimpses of the smile upon her face, so as to heap his enjoyment up the higher with her sympathy.
So this oddly composed little social party used to assemble under the ruinous arbor.
But he gave out his own thoughts, likewise, with an airy and fanciful glow; so that they glistened, as it were, through the arbor, and made their escape among the interstices of the foliage.
Fernand wiped away the perspiration steaming from his brow, and slowly entered the arbor, whose shade seemed to restore somewhat of calmness to his senses, and whose coolness somewhat of refreshment to his exhausted body.
said Danglars, pretending to restrain Caderousse, who, with the tenacity of drunkards, leaned out of the arbor.
Their entrance into the yew-tree arbor surprised several fowls that were recreating themselves by scratching deep holes in the dusty ground, and at once took flight with much pother and cackling.
Tulliver walked abruptly out of the arbor as he uttered the last sentence, and, without looking round at Mr.
I asked myself these things as I sat spinning theories about her in my arbor and the bees droned in the flowers.
Rosina had emerged from the arbor, and was bending over him with the shadow of his anguish reflected in her countenance, yet so mingled with hope and unselfish love that all anguish seemed but an earthly shadow and a dream.
For centuries, couples have strolled under arbors on their way to the altar or simply stood under them to recite their wedding vows in gardens, chapels - and the family back yard.
20, 1998--Arbor Software Corporation (NASDAQ:ARSW) and Hyperion Software Corporation (NASDAQ:HYSW) today announced that the Hyperion stockholders voted in favor of the previously announced merger of Hyperion and Arbor.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 1nnounced Arbor Integration Server, a using ArboAP dimensions, hierarchies and sophisticated capplication breadth of Arbor Essbase with the scalability, extensibility and sophisticated data management cmakes easy to maintain and evolve our existing applications, and for the first time we can create completeltic applications that leverage the informationuch as Arbor Integration Server fits within METAntial component of every data warehousing stratsophisticated, high-performance analytic applications directly from data warehouses.
Arbor Integration Server will be priced at $20,000 per Arbor Essbase OLAP Server, with no per-source, per-user or per-application charges.